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More Fashion Gifts for the Fashionista / Fashionisto

December 17, 2008

More ideas to add to yesterday’s post about gifts for the fashionista and fashionisto.

WWII Poster

WWII Poster ($12). For all the reasons.

WWII Poster ($12). For all the reasons.

There are many reasons to love this 1939 poster- its bright red colour, its proud royal crown at the top, its clear inspirational message. But one reason why fashionistas will take this one to heart is those last two words: carry on.

We love Project Runway’s Tim Gunn and we take his advice very, very seriously. Thank you, Tim.

Buy a print of the poster from Toronto’s Spotted Zebra for $12 or visit Keep Calm and Carry On’s website where you can pick up a poster along with printed t-shirts, cufflinks and everything else that you can imagine with the poster decal.

H&M Sexy Black Hat

Better than Britney’s and more fun than you’d expect, this sexy little black hat is the ultimate topping to your New Year’s Eve outfit. Wear it with a structured satin dress or just on its own to the beat of Womanizer.

H&M Hat ($12.90)

H&M Hat ($12.90)

AMT Rings – in silver or gold

Yesterday I wrote about the acrylic Diamond Rings by Alissia MT and today I can’t resist proposing these to you since the cut is so classic that you may want more than an acrylic version of the Diamond Ring.

AMT Diamond Rings in sterling silver or 14K gold

AMT Diamond Rings in sterling silver or 14K gold

Available in 925. silver or 14K gold, these AMT rings are simply gorgeous and can’t help but make a statement. Gotta  love that playful shape! The silver and gold AMT Diamond Rings are available in three different thicknesses, starting at 2mm which will set you back $140 for the silver version or $600 for the 14K gold.

Crate & Barrel Magazine Rack

Where to put all those fashion rags? The answer: Crate & Barrel’s stylish magazine rack in hot red (about $20). This gift idea is also just the thing for that Fashionisto on your list.

Crate & Barrel Magazine Rack (about $20)

Crate & Barrel Magazine Rack (about $20)

Tea Blossoms

Like taking a mini spa retreat, tea blossoms are a relaxing and beautiful finish to a busy day.

Tea blossoms. Like going to the spa.

Tea blossoms. Kind of like going to the spa for only $2.50.

Pop the tea bud into a clear glass tea pot and watch your jasmine green tea blossom. You can usually find clear glass tea pots and cups from retailers carrying blossoming teas; Primula Products sells all that you need and will ship to you directly, or if you’re in the Toronto area drop by David’s Tea on Queen St. West.

If you’re looking for show-stopper blooming tea flowers, check out the company Blossom Leaf. As you can see below, these are seriously haute blossoming teas.

Blossoming Leaf tea flowers. Haute couture for the tea drinker

Blossoming Leaf tea flowers. Haute couture in your tea pot.

Old Navy’s Striped Slippers

Most often than not, Old Navy serves up tired-looking trends that make us wonder why the good people at Banana Republic aren’t crossing the hall to help them come up with stuff to put on the racks.

These fun slippers channelling the stripe trend of the past couple of years give us hope that there may be a little BR in that dried up creative team at Old Navy.

Old Navy Striped Slippers (about $25)

Old Navy Striped Slippers (about $25)

 Images courtesy of featured retailers.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Jordana permalink
    December 17, 2008 6:28 pm

    I’ve loved the Keep Calm poster for months now but have yet to order it. May just have to finally order it this month! Thanks for the reminder. :)
    I’ve also been wondering about how to wear hats (or dainty veils or other fun headpieces). Are they strictly for night time? Do you wear your hair up or down?

  2. December 18, 2008 11:49 am

    Thanks for your comment!

    That Keep Calm and Carry On poster will be a new acquisition for me, too. It’s perfect for those moments when you really need that advice.

    Regarding hats, this one by H&M has a little under-the-chin string to keep it in place, so the hat itself is smaller than a regular hat. This one (and other frilly hats with feathers and netting – ‘dainty veils’ as you call them- so trendy this winter) are meant to be slightly forward on the head and sometimes cocked to one side. The string string will help it stay put (or sometimes there’s a hair clip to keep the hat in place.)

    I recommend keeping the hair very sleek if it’s down, or neatly tucked to give a clean silhouette. This is not the time for big hair.

    Le Chateau has a really cute small black netting and feathers hat for sale. To see it, see Thursday Dec. 18’s blog entry.

  3. January 9, 2009 11:08 pm

    Hi there!

    Thought I’d let your know about our website

    Where you can get the poster and t-shirts made in Toronto.

    You can also getthem at Blue Banana Market & SoHo Framing

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