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Project Runway Canada 2: Designer preview

January 7, 2009
Project Runway Canada Season 2

Project Runway Canada Season 2

The second season of Project Runway Canada will be premiering January 27 with all 14 candidates well publicized and the show already taped this past summer. We’ll be excited to see what wild challenges these fresh-faced Canadian designers will be taking on. The competition runs 12 weeks and will award the winner with a cover and feature spread in ELLE Canada, a professional portfolio photo shoot courtesy of L’Oréal Paris, a ‘Runway to Retail’ business mentor-ship with Winners, and $100, 000 to start his/her own fashion line.

Iman returns in her role as authoritative show host. On the other hand, returning judges Shawn Hewson and Rita Silvan fall short of offering useful and entertaining commentary as delivered by the cutting Michael Kors and the critical Nina Garcia on Project Runway (US). At the end of the day, Iman is the one to please and the competing designers figure that one out soon enough.

Iman, Rita Silvan, Shawn Hewson, and Brian Bailey

Project Runway Canada's Iman, Rita Silvan, Shawn Hewson, and Brian Bailey

Perhaps the most unfortunate decision in the making of PR Canada is the casting of designer Brian Bailey as the mentor to the competing designers. Bailey’s successes as a fashion designer far outweigh his contributions on this show and he leaves much to be desired in terms of offering design advice and inspiring creativity in the designers (and viewing audience). Bailey’s lackluster presence and greasy mustache is an easy contrast to the commanding and always on point Tim Gunn on PR (US). We hope that Bailey had a chance to watch Gunn in action in previous PR (US) seasons and learn how to be a great mentor.

Last year’s season proved to be an interesting competition on Project Runway Canada with the candidates providing entertainment and great fashion on the runway. A little research into Season 2’s designers reveals that there will be no shortage of drama on the runway- the good, the bad, and the very very ugly.

For a sneak peak at what we will see on the competition floor, check out the past work of some of the designers.

Brandon R. Dwyer, 22, from Barrie, ON

Brandon Dwyer

Brandon Dwyer

Brian R Dwyer Spring 07 & Spring 08

Brandon R Dwyer Spring 07 & Spring 08

This young designer will likely make it half-way into the competition, if not better. He’s already scored a photoshoot with Victoria’s Secret model Andi Muise for his first lookbook shot on location in Barrie at the recreation centre’s drained pool. Clearly, this Fanshawe College graduate is well-connected and has a point of view that the fashion world is interested in seeing.

First impression: gives off Evan Biddel vibes with his contruction style and attitude.

Christie Clayton, 30, from Vancouver, BC

Christie Clayton

Christie Clayton

Christie Clayton Fall/Winter 2008 and Spring 08

Christie Clayton Fall/Winter 2008 and Spring 08

Chris Clayton is already well-known in Vancouver where she launched her steetwear line in 2007 under the label Carny Love.  Christie graduated from the Vancouver Community College program in advanced fashion arts. We’ll be curious to see if she can bridge her streetwear style into versatile designs.

First impression: Perhaps not a master at sewing, this designer might be the Sweet P of the bunch.

Jason Meyers, 31, Hamilton, ON

Jason Meyers

Jason Meyers

Jason Meyers collection samples from his website

Jason Meyers current collection

Jason Meyers did a career switch from finance to fashion and graduated from the International Academy of Design in 2003. Meyers launched his first collection in 2006 and is quoted recently as saying  “I see myself going straight to the top in the fashion world.” Sorry to burst your bubble Jason, but we kinda hope you don’t. What’s with the peek-a-boo belly tops (above)?  We were through with that look when we hit 12. Well, almost- that trouser get-up is from the costume rack of a Shania Twain tour, isn’t it?

Shania Twain does like the belly tops

Shania Twain does like the belly tops

Thankfully, Meyers’ previous work offers some hope that there’s an iota of style in him (see below), although I still don’t get that gold leg or the cotton candy head.

Jason Meyers past collections

Jason Meyers past collections

First impression: If anything it will make for great television..!

Kim Cathers, 29, Vancouver, BC

Kim Cathers

Kim Cathers

Kdon Collections 2008 by Kim Cathers

Kdon Collections 2008 by Kim Cathers

This designer has been working at her own label Kdon for 7 years and describes her designs as “urban, edgy” and having an “avant-garde flair.” A graduate of the fashion design program at the Blanche Macdonald Centre, Cathers started her career restyling vintage clothes and reshaping leather bags.

Much of Kim Cathers’ work looks like urban wear and the challenge for her will likely be creating more classic and glamourous day and evening wear.

First impression: could be interesting.

Margarita Voultsos, 24, Montreal, QC

Margarita Voultsos

Margarita Voultsos

Margarita Voutsos collections

Margarita Voultsos collections

This young designer studied fashion design at Montreal’s LaSalle College and went on to found her own fashion label, Proper Apparel. Voultos’ conscientious work practices extend to maintaining the production of her clothing in Canada and ensuring fair wages for her employees. Her collections are sold in retail stores in Toronto, Montreal, and New York.

First impression: This designer’s questionable taste will deliver some major fashion crimes. We’ll enjoy talking about it while it lasts.

Sunny Fong, 32, Toronto, ON

Sunny Fong

Sunny Fong

Sunny Fong collections

Sunny Fong collections

This designer’s formal education may be in film studies but it is his self-taught skill in fashion design and sewing that has earned him recognition. Fong started early on as a costume designer and moved into producing fashion under his own label, VAWK, in 2004. He has already shown collections at Fashion Week in Toronto.

First impression: A serious contender for the first-place finish.


Here is the complete list of fashion designers competing in Project Runway Canada Season 2 (including the websites for those who have posted their past collections):

  • Adejoké Taiwo, 24, Calgary, AB
  • Baylor Orlando, 37, Montreal QC
  • Brandon R. Dwyer, 22, Barrie, ON
  • Camille Prins, 28, Toronto, ON
  • Christie Clayton, 30, Vancouver, BC
  • Danio Frangella, 33, LaSalle, ON
  • Genevieve Graham, 30, Vancouver, BC
  • Jaclyn Murray, 26, Winnipeg, MB
  • Jason Meyers, 31, Hamilton, ON
  • Jeff MacKinnon, 41, Toronto, ON
  • Jessica Biffi, 25, Toronto, ON
  • Kim Cathers, 29, Vancouver, BC
  • Margarita Voultsos, 24, Montreal, QC
  • Sunny Fong, 32, Toronto, ON

Photos and biographical details courtesy of designers’ websites and Please visit the TV Throng website for more details about the Project Runway Canada Season 2 fashion designers.

Also check out Blogging Project Runway for all things Project Runway (Canada and US) including interviews, videos, and pictures.

*** BREAKING NEWS: The Global TV PRC (season 2) website is now live! Access the site here; click here to watch video interviews of season 2 designers.***

15 Comments leave one →
  1. seb permalink
    January 7, 2009 8:20 pm

    Does anyone know how to apply for the competition next year? I’m a young designer.

  2. January 7, 2009 11:18 pm

    Brandon D. – Eh. It’s alright. I’ve seen more creativity and better photographs.

    Christie Clayton – Love the first two pictures, the shorts in the third, and not so much the fourth. I think it’s the gloves.

    Jason Meyers – I love the skirt and the wide legged pants. But the tummy shirts are not in.

    Kim Cathers – she definitely loves to layer! I like some of it.

    Margarita Voultsos – Horrible. Do not like at all.

    Sunny Fong – The only look I definitely liked was the one with the blue/teal skirt and the tan jacket.

  3. January 8, 2009 9:47 am

    Regarding casting for the PR show, I saw posters all over the fashion district in Toronto for the open casting call of the first season and again for the second season. The taping is in the summer, so the casting would take place in the spring.

    If you want to audition, I would check out the website regularly in case the casting call is posted there, but I would also contact the PR Canada production team and find out when/where auditions are happening.

    Hope to see you on tv!
    – Johanne

  4. anna permalink
    January 8, 2009 4:41 pm

    Margarita Voultsos – interesting to see someone do something thats not already all over every fashion mag. unique

  5. anna permalink
    January 8, 2009 4:53 pm

    Sunny Fong – I’d like to see more, where can I do so?

  6. anna permalink
    January 8, 2009 4:56 pm

    Brandon Dwyer – Georgeous! Similar to Biddel, does that mean we have a winner???

  7. anna permalink
    January 8, 2009 5:00 pm

    Kim Cathers – poohs fabric – harsh, i think its her overall stye is very cute

    can’t wait for season 2 to air!!!

  8. January 8, 2009 8:44 pm

    YAY for Season 2! I’m so excited too! The PR shows are my favourite tv shows.

    To get more pics of Sunny Fong’s work, you can visit his website at Unfortunately his website (and the other designers’ sites) is outdated so you won’t see much new stuff. But the website itself is cool- makes it hard to see the clothes, though. You’ll see what I mean when you hit it up.

    Yeah, I kind of think that Brandon Dwyer will be a strong contender in this competition. He’s already had a top model pose for him and a top photographer-! Some of those pics are on his site at

    I’ll keep up with the news about PR Canada as I hear more! Thanks for writing comments!
    – Johanne

  9. Cana permalink
    January 10, 2009 4:12 am

    Jason Meyers sounds like the guy who has a business with Michael from Season 1. I could be wrong on this.

  10. January 13, 2009 11:58 am

    Today I received this comment about this post:

    “Who writes this blog,? Do you have any fashion experience, are you a fashion player?”

    A: I am a blogger, a keener about fashion, and I want to hear what other people think about what’s happening in this industry. That’s why I write this blog. I don’t mind having my views challenged- that’s how new ideas surface- and I’m glad that people take the time to write comments. I am involved in the industry but so is everyone in some way, and we all have something to say about it.

    Thank you everyone for reading and commenting. Let the fashion debates rage on!
    – Johanne

  11. January 15, 2009 12:29 pm

    Jason Meyers has a great potential. It is just a matter of time before he will get the proper attention from the fashion industry.

  12. January 21, 2009 10:47 am

    I bookmarked your blog, thanks for sharing this very interesting post


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