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Project Runway Canada Official Product Review: Double Extend mascara

February 12, 2009
Canadian model Linda Evangelista for L'Oreal Paris Beauty Tubes

Canadian model Linda Evangelista for L'Oreal Paris Beauty Tubes- the Official mascara of PRC

The L’Oreal Paris product lineup for the spring/summer 09 promises to be fun, flirty, and on trend with fashion collections. It’s wonderfully entertaining to watch Project Runway Canada makeup experts Collier Strong and Eddie Maleterre create a wide variety of looks and transformations for the runway with just face and body ‘paint.’ The Project Runway Canada makeup room is stocked with cosmetics from the show’s sponsor, l’Oreal Paris, and for many of us this sacred room is a candy store for grown-up gals.

So just how good are the Official cosmetic products featured on the show? Sure, they look gorgeous during their 5 minutes of fame on television, but can they take it to the street and deliver their promise to the modern woman’s busy life?

Testing the Official makeup of Project Runway Canada

L'Oreal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tube

L'Oreal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tube: Click on this image to redeem a $5 coupon (reference code AC4D)

Today’s product review: L’Oreal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tube

Retail price: $14.49 at Shoppers Drug Mart Canada 

The claim: “This new lash extension effect mascara visibly lengthens lashes up to an astonishing 80%” -L’Oreal Paris website.

How to use it: Apply the nourishing base coat (labelled Step 1) which will make your lashes appear white. Then apply Step 2, the top coat that lengthens and colours the lashes by forming “beauty tubes” as you apply it.

2-step application process for the L'Oreal Paris Beauty Tubes

2-step application process for the L'Oreal Paris Beauty Tubes

The results: The product worked very well to extend the lashes and did in fact create tubes (maybe even “beauty tubes” but that’s in the eye of the beholder.) The length of the lash extension was not formally measured and it is our belief that the lashes were longer but not by 80%.

The first step went on nicely and coated the lashes white. We weren’t sure how long to let the lashes dry (or do we?) before applying Step 2 since there aren’t specific instructions about that detail. The colouring and lengthening formula of Step 2 went on smoothly and was not clumping. Step 2 required more effort to apply because of the necessity of covering up the white and effectively lengthening the lashes. The lashes did look lengthened and nicely separated. Some testers found that the lashes were fuller while others described that with careful application of steps 1 and 2, the lashes appeared to curl back. Overall, the mascara looked great all day for everyone, didn’t smudge, flake off, and was easy to remove using warm water.

Although we were skeptical that a 2-step mascara would wash off using only warm water, it did as claimed by the manufacturer. The “tubes” that coated the lashes came off in many small, non-smudging pieces and rinsed off easily although one tester used soap and water to clear away the tubes. No raccoon eyes! Now that’s amazing.

before (left) and after application

L'Oreal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tube tester: before (left) and after application

2-step lash lengthening process

LOreal Paris Beauty Tube mascara: 2-step lash lengthening process

Who should buy it: People who have time in the morning to carefully apply makeup. Because of the tediousness of a two-step application, our testers found it to take up too much time than they normally allocate to putting on mascara in the morning rush. However, these testers liked the L’Oreal Paris Double Extend and would use it when they have more time to dedicate to makeup application (such as when getting ready to go out for an evening.) People who use false eyelashes on occasion or on a regular basis would enjoy this product because it does lengthen significantly and is a cost-effective option to purchasing several pairs of false eyelashes.

Competing mascara Maybelline XXL Curl Power did not score well in testing

Competing mascara Maybelline XXL Curl Power did not score well in testing

Product comparison with Maybelline XXL Curl Power: Our testers found that the competing 2-step mascara XXL Curl Power by Maybelline was not nearly as good as the L’Oreal Paris Double Extend. The Maybelline product was a somewhat clumpy thick formula, the size of the mascara tube and brushes made it difficult to apply the product, and the mascara wouldn’t wash off- even after a lot of scrubbing using makeup remover. Our testers did not recommend using the XXL Curl Power by Maybelline.

Click on the image below to receive a $5 coupon on your purchase of the L’Oreal Paris Beauty Tube mascara (use referencing code AC4D).

Click on this image to received a $5 coupon! Use referencing code AC4D

Click on this image to received a $5 coupon! Use referencing code AC4D

Below is a sample questionnaire filled out by the above-pictured tester (not Linda Evangelista, the other Canadian model) about her experience using the Official mascara of Project Runway Canada, the L’Oreal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tube:

L’Oreal Paris Double Extend Mascara – Reviewer Report

 What was your first impression of the packaging?

– Indifferent

I thought the packaging was a good colour combination. It seems larger than other mascaras I am used to. 

What did you think of the two-step process of applying the white then the black?

– Indifferent

– Took too long

– Found it fun

– Wouldn’t do this every day but sometimes would

Some combination of the above. The first time I used it, it was fun, a novelty. At first when I saw my white eyelashes, I thought it looked a bit odd and I was unsure if step 2 (i.e., the black) would cover all the white. I have dark brown eyelashes so if the white stayed, people would definitely have noticed. I spent more time with this 2 step process than I normally would so in the morning rush, I would probably not bother with the 2 steps. For an evening out, I could take more time with it and I would use it.I also had to concentrate more when I applied the black because I really wanted to make sure all the white was covered. I also wasn’t sure if the white had to be completely dry before I applied the black or if the white slowly turned clear. I didn’t wait around long enough to check. I also found the wand a tad bulky once I started to apply the black mascara.

What did you think of the consistency of the product?

– Easy to apply

– Normal 

I was expecting the black to be extra bulky and clumpy as it had to cover the primer. But in the end, I found it was fine and wasn’t more clumpy than any other mascara I’ve used in the past.

What did you think of the final results? Lashes looked:

– Extended somewhat

– Natural but longer

– Fuller

 Ha ha: the extension by 80% claim is hilarious. How am I supposed to actually measure that? I was considering trying to measure my eyelashes pre- and post- mascara application but it just wasn’t feasible. My lashes were definitely longer. For sure. And I think they may have become longer than they do with other mascaras. I was hoping someone was going to notice them and comment on the length of them but no one did. Except one lady at yoga class who I could have sworn was staring at my lashes.

I don’t think this product curled my lashes or made them extra thick. My lashes were just longer and maybe slightly fuller.

I don’t think the brush did an exceptional job of separating my lashes. Post-application I still used a dry brush to separate them again (like combing through them.)

 What did you think of the mascara and your lashes as the day went on?

– Kept looking great just like when I put it on

– Looked great

– Looked like other mascaras do during the day

 For me, the mascara held up fine – through a work day, through the evening and during workouts too. I wear contacts and the mascara didn’t bother my eyes at all. The mascara felt crunchy to the touch if I need to rub my eye, but I find most mascaras do anyway.

 How did you feel and look when removing the mascara? Was it easy? Did you use warm water as the packaging recommends sufficient or makeup remover?

So I tried the advice on the package – lots of warm water. It seemed like that worked fine – until I looked in the mirror and spotted bits of mascara under my eyes. The mascara seemed to have fallen off of my eyelashes but settled right under my eye. So that was annoying and it was taking too long. In the end, good old soap and water did the trick. It wasn’t much effort and it was a quicker solution for me.

 Would you use this product again? For day/night?

 I would most likely use the product for night, when I have more time to get ready and check that every eyelash is in the right place.

 Would you recommend this product to others?

– Yes

 Sure. If people want to try something new and have a bit of extra time. It’s also a novelty so people might like it. And I guess if you don’t have time for the 2 step process, you could always just use the mascara end and skip the primer.

 Would you buy this product?

– Maybe, depends on:

For me, it would completely depend on the price.

 How does this product make you feel about L’Oreal Paris?

 I like L’Oreal Paris. I think they make good products and have a strong positive reputation. I appreciate the fact that they’re trying something new and trying to make people feel and look beautiful.

 Having used the product, how do you feel about the L’Oreal Paris Double Extend commercial during Project Runway Canada featuring Canadian model Linda Evangelista?

I love Project Runway Canada and do remember the mascara ads with Linda Evangelista. I probably remember Linda Evangelista more than I do the product that she is advertising. Actually, I can’t even recall the mascara application demonstration that she does. Does she do this 2 step process? Do her eyelashes look snow-queen white in step 1? I’ll have to look more closely during next week’s episode.

 How much would you pay for this product?

 Probably $6. Isn’t that how much my regular mascara (competing company) costs? I can’t remember but it’s less than $10 for sure. I generally do not spend a lot on beauty products.

 This product is priced at $14.49. Would you pay this amount? Why or why not.

Definitely not. Nope. I wouldn’t do it. I could find better ways to spend $15. I’d rather buy a mascara and a magazine for $15. Now there’s a thought – why don’t magazine and mascara companies work together to offer the consumer a better deal?


We couldn’t agree with you more: mascara + mags = brilliant!


The testers and reviewers of the products in this post received no compensation or incentives to test and showcase these products. The results rep0rted here are unbiased and solely representative of the opinions of the individuals testing the products.

 Images courtesy of L’Oreal Paris and Maybelline.

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  1. Jordana permalink
    February 12, 2009 10:19 pm

    I think it’s a great idea to review the PRC products. Let’s see what they’re actually advertising. I can’t imagine Linda’s lashes actually look like that. They’ve got to be false lashes, right? It’s great to see a Canadian model still working. I think she would be a good host for PRC, or at least a guest judge. I wonder if she was ever approached.

  2. February 15, 2009 6:30 pm

    I agree that Linda’s lashes look like a nice Photoshop job or maybe even a pair of falsies. Maybe we can have two Canadian PR shows and Linda can host the other one?!
    – Johanne

  3. February 17, 2009 1:21 pm

    Okay, I want to review my own comment here (above). I took extra care when applying the first step of the mascara today and I swear my lashes are 80% longer and I basically look like Linda in that photo, which is pretty but not what I expected for my ‘day’ look. Really- I think the ‘tube’ technology worked!
    – Johanne


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