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The Oscars: Heidi Klum

February 23, 2009
Heidi Klum wears Roland Mouret

Heidi Klum wears Roland Mouret


Johanne: Normally Heidi would be an easy Best Dressed lister but this time I’m resisting giving her that honour. The high shimmer of her fushia/orange glowing glown is a little much and the dress’ modern shape makes me feel like it was the work of Edward Scissorhands. I love her accessories- fab shoes and wristful of gems- but I’m just not happy enough with the train on this dress to call it a Best Dressed. Jordana, your thoughts?

Jordana: If I gave Heidi Klum the Best Dressed award then my credibility would be shattered. Chopped to pieces. Sort of like Heidi’s dress. It’s so cut-and-paste looking. Her hair and shoes are fabulous. And a wrist full of diamonds — there’s never anything wrong with that. She should have just worn a mini-skirt to show off those gams. Who needs a train when you’ve got gams like hers?

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