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The Oscars: Jessica Biel

February 23, 2009
Jessica Biel wears Prada

Jessica Biel wears Prada


Johanne: Can’t say I’m a fan of this Prada dress on Jessica. Something about the waist area the square shape of the skirt aren’t working and the flaps at the front make her look like she tried to dress herself in a kimono without the help of a geisha. The wrist bling is a happy surprise but can’t pull this one together.

Jordana: Jessica is a gorgeous girl, there’s no doubt about that. I think the hair and jewelry work for her. And the dress could be good — if we just did something with the extra panel of fabric. Maybe she was supposed to put her arm through that top loop and it was supposed to be an off the shoulder sleeve thing? Or maybe she put this one on backwards and the loop detail was supposed to be at the back. Wouldn’t that have been more flattering? I think so.

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