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LG Fashion Week Day 4

March 21, 2009

Thursday was one of the busiest days at LG Fashion Week with many big-name designers and TV personalities seated in the front rows, including judges and designers from seasons 1 and 2 of Project Runway Canada. We were all there to see collections by Aime Luxury, Nada, Carlton Brown and Ed Hardy Swim and Snow and of course, the big finale shows of PRC. The energy and enthusiasm for Thursday’s collections was palpable. The crowd cheered for many of the designs as the models rocked the runway and presented us an incredible spectacle of fun and flirty fashion especially from men’s wear designer Carlton Brown.

LG Fashion Week Day 4 Video

The Runway Report

Aime Luxury

This young designer presented a feminine collection featuring nicely tailored pencil skirts paired with cute tops. The look is clean and very wearable for the working business crowd. Colours were mostly black, white silk, and grey.

Project Runway Canada Finale

I sat front row for the collections by the three top finalists at Project Runway Canada’s LG Fashion Week finale. The show started with an introduction by PRC host Iman who was wearing a fitted emerald-green knee-length dress with silver platform heels. She asked the audience to help maintain the excitement of the TV show by not disclosing any information about the designers who were there. That said, there were six designers who went on stage and introduced themselves and described their collection but only three collections were shown, without the designer coming out after his/her work to salute the crowd. As a fan and a viewer of Project Runway Canada, it wasn’t hard for me to tell whose work was on the runway. It was a great show by all three designers- not at all what I expected to see and from up close in the front row, even I could tell that there were some garment construction issues. Some seams were crooked or awkward-looking, sequins weren’t well finished at the zipper of a dress, shapes were a little odd. All in all, the most fun all season of PRC and I can’t wait to share more with you about the three designers I met backstage and my interview with one of them yesterday. We’ll have to wait until the final airing of the show to get into more details!

Carlton Brown

One of the most exciting shows at LG Fashion Week was Carlton Brown’s men’s wear line for Fall/winter 09. This collection featured modern suits in deep colours subtly printed and perfectly tailored. Sweaters and scarves accessorized the shirts to add a sporty feel and the shoes were kept fun in silver, brown leather, and black suede. Casual looks were equally interesting with prints and highlight colours such as blue, burgundy, and pink. A fun show and a great collection. Hurray for Canadian men’s wear!

Carlton Brown Fall/Winter 09

Carlton Brown Fall/Winter 09

Ed Hardy Swim and Snow

This label showed a collection of swimwear and short winter coats for men and women designed by Christian Audigier. The look is very sexy and minimalist suiting with the emphasis on tattoo-like prints bringing the fabrics to life. A fun collection of two-piece and one-piece swimsuits for women and board shorts for men. The looks were paired with tuques, ski goggles, and waist-length winter jackets with signature tattoo printing. Lots of shiny bling on the pieces.


5pm: Ryerson University School of Fashion show

6pm: Carlie Wong

7pm: Evan Biddell

8pm: Lucian Matis

9pm: Exclusive Screening: Valentino: The Last Emperor

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  1. Jordana permalink
    March 21, 2009 10:32 am

    You’re keeping us all in suspense with the PRC finale! After this week’s episode, I’m voting for Sunny. He made another gorgeous dress, this time for Coco Rocha. Is she making an appearance at Toronto Fashion Week, I wonder.

  2. March 22, 2009 9:22 am

    Hey! I love the vids – you look great, btw!!!

  3. March 22, 2009 9:33 am

    Ah, thanks for the compliment CZ!
    What a fun week at LG Fashion Week! One more video to load- the last day :(
    Coco Rocha did attend fashion week- she was there for the last day’s collections: former Project Runway Canada designers Evan Biddell, Carlie Wong, Lucian Matis.
    Happy to hear you’re enjoying the videos!
    – Johanne


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