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Taking Cue From Fashion’s Stripes and Dots

June 9, 2009
Kate Spade skirt and large collin bag

Kate Spade Easton Stripe skirt, $275, and Patchin Place large colin bag, $125

Quite often it’s the simplest things that charm us. A series of stripes or an array of dots make us swoon and marvel at the perfection of easy prints. And I hardly think I’m the only one who sees stripes and dots and along floating images of happy day sailors and Parisian shopping afternoons.

For example, take the above skirt and makeup carrying bag both by Kate Spade. The skirt is quintessential sailor wear with its navy stripes against a white background, tied with a perfect stiff bow at the waist. The Patchin Place bag, on the other hand, plays with convention with a fun lime colour but only for so long; navy and cream line the inside.

And so the stripes and dots continue: a line of home items from Kate Spade offers the same whimsical prints for your everyday feasting. How can we resist stripes and dots on dessert plates, mugs, and dinner plates? Well, perhaps the price is enough of a deterrent. I’m waiting for the sale.

Sag Harbour dot salad plate, $17

Sag Harbour dot salad plate, $17

Sag Harbour dot mug, $16

Sag Harbour dot mug, $16

Sag Harbour stripe bowl, $17

Sag Harbour striped bowl, $17

Sag Harbour stripe dinner plate, $19

Sag Harbour striped dinner plate, $19

Images courtesy of Kate Spade.

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