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Wedded Bliss…and throw in cheap while your at it

August 3, 2009


What kind of bride are you? High maintenance? Or on the cheaper side? Does the sound of $30,000 for a wedding sound scary to you? Well, I’m the cheap one…scared of that dollar sign and afraid of anything wedding…..registries, venue, flowers , cakes and invites. I’m looking for the best deal and the easiest way of doing the deed. I want to get married, but I am not prepared to go into debt doing it, nor am I willing to give myself a migraine getting all of this done.

So — how do I do this?

First of all — the pressure that people put on you as a bride is immeasurable…and I’m not just talking about your mother. I’m talking about all those people who want to know where/how he proposed, what does the ring look like…etc. Well, we live in a century where women don’t always have to have the ring offered on bended knee somewhere with roses and waterfalls. It’s okay to be one of those people who got to a point in your relationship where you came to the decision that this was what you both wanted. It’s okay to not have the official proposal because you don’t feel like it’s necessary. My fiance wrote me a lovely poem while we were sitting watching TV one evening after we had already made the decision. And, it’s okay to not want an engagement ring that costs more to insure than it is to wear. Personally, I don’t like a lot of jewelery, so I don’t even want an engagement ring. I actually got into wearing a ring of my grandmother’s on occasion until I am married and after the wedding, I will just wear my wedding band. And that’s good enough for me. It’s okay if you want one too — I’m just saying that you aren’t crazy if you don’t — you might be in the minority — but you aren’t crazy.

Want some alternatives for rings?  Here are some fun options to wearing the costly engagement ring:

Gold tone Flower ring, $30 at Guess

Gold tone Flower ring, $30 at Guess

Crystal Heart Mesh ring, $20 on sale at Guess

Crystal Heart Mesh ring, $20 on sale at Guess

Harlequin ring, $105 at Swarovski

Harlequin ring, $105 at Swarovski

Crystal Lattice ring, $49 at Banana Republic

Crystal Lattice ring, $49 at Banana Republic

Product images courtesy of featured retailers: Swarovski, Guess, and Banana Republic, (and the talented Johanne for helping with the selection).

2 Comments leave one →
  1. August 12, 2009 5:51 am

    Gold tone Flower ring & Harlequin ring are quite appealing!

  2. August 25, 2010 8:21 am

    I really loved the “Crystal Lattice ring” !

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