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This is not your Grandmother’s goth.

September 29, 2009

Header _ PicIf the word ‘goth’ makes you think of that guy in high school who wore black eyeliner and lace gloves or the morbid stylings of The Addams Family … welcome to the new goth. Terry Barber, senior makeup artist at M-A-C, describes it this way:

“…the way Tim Burton would treat Goth, more dark-romantic, a bit of street-urchin Victoriana, but not a ghoul, a bit Ska – those are the elements of Goth now. Think punk-inspired but not punk – more punk couture. In a way it’s very Picasso-esque: raw, drawing lines around the eye with spontaneity and naivety, more home-made, distressed, lived-in looks. Black is also looking a lot more air-brushed like YSL models in the ’80s; that famous Helmut Newton picture of the woman in the smoking jacket under the Paris street lamp – that’s part of it too.”

Photo by Helmut Newton (1975) of YSL's "Le Smoking" tuxedo suit

Photo by Helmut Newton (1975) of YSL's "Le Smoking" tuxedo suit

So this new goth is not just pretty, it’s flexible. You have the freedom to bring in elements from a variety of sources, ranging from vintage noir flicks to Brit street punk to certain heavenly runways looks of the ’80s (sans teased hair and frosty blue eyeshadow of course) … and whatever inspiration you glean from the gothic beauty that showed up on the runway for fall 2009.

Model Image from Zac Posen's Fall 2009 Show

Zac Posen's Fall 2009 Show

For this soft and lovely interpretation of goth in Zac Posen’s Fall 2009 show, the images driving makeup artist Lucia Pieroni were Winona Ryder’s Beetlejuice character and Helena Bonham Carter’s corpse bride. Pieroni says “It’s a mix between a Tim Burton girl and Christina Ricci—big, hollowed-out eyes with huge lashes … She’s tough, moody, and slightly Goth but beautiful.” Shades of taupe covered the upper eyelids and a black smoky eye was sketched out underneath with M-A-C Carbon and Print shadows.

MAC Eyeshadow ($17.50Cdn)

MAC Eyeshadow ($17.50Cdn)

For a more dramatic goth interpretation, look to M-A-C Style Black, available now and only for a limited time (you’ve got till the end of November)!!!

Style Black Line from MAC Cosmetics

Style Black Line from MAC Cosmetics

When asked what his favourite Style Black products are, Terry Barber says “first and foremost, the Greasepaint Stick – it’s thick and crude but the lines are beautiful, it’s crude with craft! It does it all. Put it on first. That’s important.”

MAC Style Black Greasepaint Stick in Black ($21.00Cdn)M-A-C

Style Black Greasepaint Stick in Black ($21.00Cdn)

For the MAC’s Style Black templates featured below, the Greasepaint Stick is the ultimate base – defining the structure that will set the stage for the rest of your look.

MAC Black Knight Look

M-A-C Black Knight Look

MAC Bling Black Look

M-A-C Bling Black Look

MAC Night Violet Look

M-A-C Night Violet Look

Check out this M-A-C page for step-by-step instructions on getting these and other Style Black looks along with all the necessary product info.

So if you’re feeling brave, try a bit of the dark side as as we head into fall. If not, some of the new goth elements would look fantastic with the Sexy Wicked Witch costume you may have been planning on wearing this Halloween. And your grandmother never has to know.

Image of model at start of post, excerpts from interview with Terry Barber and all M-A-C product pics courtesy of M-A-C. Helmut Newton photo courtesy of the The Design Observer Group. Image from Zac Posen fall 2009 show courtesy of the Elle magazine website.

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  1. Rose permalink
    September 30, 2009 4:17 am

    I love the MAC Bling Black Look. I’m going to try that. Whether it looks good on me is another story.

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