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Johanne’s Wish List

December 8, 2009

As Jordana so graciously explained, it turns out that it’s hard to come up with a list of wanted items when you’ve got so much already in intangible and material wealth. Of course there will always be a list of things that we’d love to have.. so this is mine.

Print Art

Vanity Fair cover illustration, $14.99 at the Royal Ontario Museum store or online at

Art Deco Lithographs at Telegramme, $335 and up

I really like reproduction prints and these 1930’s era posters and lithographs take me to far away places. I would love to have a couple hanging on the wall of my office or in my living room- these are so easy to work into a modern decor. My top picks are the lovely but budget-priced prints from the Vanity Fair exhibit currently on display at Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum until January 3, 2010. I also really like these lithographs available at Telegramme in Toronto (and online).

Mid-Century-Inspired Coffee Table and Side Table

Walnut coffee table and side table, $799 and $399, at Crate and Barrel

While I don’t really need these (or anything else on this list), the coffee table and side table from Crate and Barrel would nicely compliment my leather sectional and would surely coordinate with future furniture changes. I like that there is a small storage space for a few books without offering an entire shelf that inevitably becomes overstuffed with all the random things that we place on coffee tables.

An Electric Hand Mixer

Cuisinart 9-speed hand mixer in brushed chrome, $79.95 on sale at Williams Sonoma

I can hardly believe that I don’t have an electric hand mixer. I used to have a free-standing Kitchen Aid Professional mixer but it got drafted elsewhere during one of many moves. Since then, the foodie and chef in me has had to hand-beat many a batch of mixtures that instructed “Beat until stiff, approximately 7 minutes.” Needless to say that that’s 7 minutes with an electric beater. I’m due for an upgrade, although I’m so grateful to my hand whisk- it has survived many bowl scrapes and tired left-hand, right-hand, left-hand turns and back again.

A Cashmere Sweater

Cashmere track hoodie sweater by Juicy Couture, $330 at Net-a-Porter

Like all other sentient creatures in the world, I like soft things. Cashmere is top of the list and this casual hoodie is just my style. Easy, not pretentiously cashmere, and a perfect everyday slip-on to take the chill out of the air.

Valentino Red Shoes

Valentino platform sandal, $470 on sale

Red red red Valentino sandals. Pure luxury, fun, and good taste. Do I also need to mention that I would also love the accompanying clutch?

A Touch of Bling

The Caresse d'orchidees collection at Cartier. White gold and diamond rings and earrings, and also with with sapphire stones. Prices start at approximately $9,000

Cartier’s Caresse d’orchidée collection has been on my mind for months. I love the design and yes, I do like diamonds. I think that this very special collection would make a great statement piece or just a blissful everyday touch of bling. Sigh.


Macaroons at Nadège Patisserie: small pleasures for $2.10 each

I absolutely adore Nadège Patisserie’s macaroons. I recently discovered this beautiful shop so elegantly decorated in white and filled with a beautiful selection of perfect sweets: hand made marshmallows in such fun flavours as Gin & Tonic, Raspberry, Lemon, and the classic Chocolate-covered Vanilla. Favourites among the macaroons: Salted Caramel, Poppy, and Peach.

More Art Deco

Jenny Bird Art Deco clutch in patent and lamb leather, $335

I love Art Deco and I love Jenny Bird’s collection of handbags and earrings. I met Jenny as I was walking to work on King Street in Toronto 3 years ago, just before she became a quoted fashion accessory designer. Now you can see Jenny’s charming accessories in all the right fashion mags. I especially like her penchant for Art Deco-inspired pieces, such as this beautiful black clutch with recycled vintage earrings used as clasp detailing. Genius!

Jenny Bird Geo Cones earrings, USD $75

I adore these cone earrings, also by Jenny Bird. The gal can do no wrong in my books/blog.

Nail Lacquer in Schlap by Nars

Nars' famous nail lacquer in Schlap, $16

This shade of nail lacquer was all the rage this fall and it has been featured in many a magazine and on many famous nails. I’ve never worn Nars nail lacquer and I feel that this would be a great place to start since this product is strongly recommended by nailophiles and the colour is dynamite.

A Radio

The Tangent Quattro radio, available at Riverdale Mac

What’s not to love about this radio? This award-winning radio by Tanget is one of the first of its kind to tap into radio stations across the world via the internet without actually requiring you to be online on a computer. So while you’re at home, you can easily listen to stations in Australia, France, or South America. Of course you can also play music from your iProds, but why not enjoy the simple pleasures of live broadcast as you top up a coffee on Saturday mornings?

A Classic Wool Coat

Max Mara robe de chambre camel hair coat

Max Mara is known for their knock-out coats and although there are some lovely modern shapes in the fall collection, my heart beats for this soft camel hair coat in creamy beige. I love the wide collar, the easy belt, and the mid-calf length that would compliment any outfit from a casual night out to a formal soirée.

A New Timeless Trench

The Burberry double-breasted trench coat, USD $1,095

It’s no secret that I love trench coats.

As if I really need a third trench in my spring coat collection, but really, once you’ve stocked a classic like this one by Burberry, you probably won’t buy another one. I’m also told that Burberry trenches last years and years, which is actually economical and very eco-friendly if you compare that with the short lifespan of fast-fashion lookalikes.

Painting Through the Ages: An Art History Course at the University of Toronto

An art history course would be a perfect start to the New Year. $290 at U of T

I would love to take an art history course. I’ve been wanting to take one for some time and the priority has been taking courses for my professional development, not my own curiosity and intellectual hunger. The course offered at the University of Toronto’s school of continuing studies would be perfect- from cave paintings all the way to Picasso, we’d look at the social context and the artists who produced art across the ages. This course is available in May 2010 and there’s still lots of time to register.

A Muff

Faux fur muff, $28 at Urban Outfitters

What can I say? I’ve always fancied muffs (also referred to as mufflers). My mom told me that she had one when she was a child and of course I’ve always admired Marilyn Monroe’s lovely white fox muffler and stole. I’ll settle for a faux fur version, or I can always pick up a vintage fur and sew it up into a muffler. Click here for DIY muff sewing instructions.

Stealing the show: Marilyn Monroe's white fox fur muff and stole.

A Beautiful Place to Live: 841 Richmond Street West

A townhouse on Richmond Street West, just south of Queen at Trinity Bellwoods, $849,900

I quite like this townhouse just off Queen Street West in Toronto. With over 1,700 square feet of space over four flours, two bedrooms, an office, a den, and a fantastic modern layout designed by award-winning Core Architects, I could see myself being very happy in these digs. I already know that I love the neighbourhood, so why not put in an offer? It’s called a wish list for a reason.

Images courtesy of featured retailers: CartierUrban Outfitters, Jenny Bird, Crate and Barrel, Williams Sonoma, Net-a-Porter, Royal Ontario Museum, Valentino, Nars, Burberry, Telegramme, Property for sale on MLS, Browns Shoes, Riverdale Mac, University of Toronto, Nadege Patisserie.

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  1. Jordana permalink
    December 8, 2009 11:30 pm

    Gorgeous list Johanne! Those Valentino shoes are fantabulous!
    Oh…I just got a hand-mixer last year…wow…I can’t believe I didn’t own one before. I didn’t think using my whisk was such a big deal but holy cow – what a difference with the electric mixer. I can whip up some sugar cookies in no time now!
    And the art deco goods…I just knew I’d see some art deco wear pop up on your wish list. Gorgeous!


  1. Sample sale: our Jenny Bird | Fashion in Motion

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