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S/S 10 Nom de Guerre look book

January 20, 2010

Much like most folks I’m fairly selective when it comes to championing entire brands, usually opting for selective pieces from various collections. One design collective that jumped out at me a while back and continues to deliver amazing collections season after season is the NYC-based Nom de Guerre. The creative quartet of Harnsongkram, Saalabi, Whitney and Ojas started the bunker-based store in 2003 with the expressed intent of combining disparate art, design and cultural influences in their work. It’s safe to say that Nom de Guerre is one brand that I seem to be championing season after season.

The S/S 10 collection is said to be influenced by the examination of the oppression and colonization of Algeria and the subsequent Algerian War. Pieces in the collection are drawn from the uniforms worn by the French as well as the garb adorned by the Algerian rebels and as far as I’m concerned, this is by far the strongest look book so far for S/S 2010.

Have a look for yourself:

All the rest at Nom de Guerre.

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