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The Bachelor: Crazies and a Mother

January 23, 2010

The Bachelor "group date" starts off with comedy and ends in drama

Okay, so I’m torn. I’ve just discovered a new show that I absoutlely love, but airs the same time at 8pm as the Bachelor.  Come Dine With Me airs on the W Network at 8pm each night. If you were ever a fan of the British show Friends for Dinner, then you’ll be a fan of this show. It brings together five amateur chefs (strangers) who all take turns organizing dinner parties over the course of one week. Then each participant votes on the dinner and the winner takes home £1,000 GBP (approx. $1, 600 USD). It’s hilarious (on one episode the host passes out and her guests make the dinner!).

More on that in another post.

Now for a quick The Bachelor recap and highlight of two amazing clips!

The group date led to an exhausted Jakey. Poor baby….oooh…he just couldn’t make anyone happy. The girls had to perform in a comedy club, and while most did okay, some flopped BIG TIME. The best was saved until after the comedy routines when Michelle finally got her alone time. She-crazy made the show – especially at 2:17 on this clip. Watch!

The other crazy of the night is Elizabeth.  She figured she had him wound around her little finger with her don’t kiss me until I am the last girl — yeah, that ain’t going to happen. So when Lizzy decided to tease Jake and try to be that girl — you know the one — the one who thinks guys can’t resist her, that she has some “mysterious” characteristic that makes her sooo unique. Unfortunately, Jake didn’t bite. Instead,  he spit her out and… Well, let the clip speak for itself. Ugh..and the part where she defends herself. Want. To. Slap.


But, let’s stay away from the crazies and focus on Jake for a brief moment. He took the one mother in the group, Ella, on a single date and invited her kid along with them to Sea World… Did this guy not see that scene in the film Jerry MaGuire about dating a woman with a kid? Mmmmm…maybe someone should point out this bit of advice.

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