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The Bachelor: Come Dine With Me

February 1, 2010

So this past week I wasn’t very inspired with the Bachelor – in fact, I was down right bored.   I’m sorry — this is a disappointing post about Jake.  Last week’s episode was actually quite predictable, and that is why it took me all week to come up with a post.

The women are taken camping to test their outdoor skills for Jake

Was I surprised that he let both women go on the two-on-one date?  Not really.  Was I suprised when he let two women go at the rose ceremony?  Nah….in fact, I was waiting for him to let our poor Canadian girl Jessie go.  Sure she was a nice girl, but she never put herself out there and so was an easy pick to leave.  And Jake?  Every girl “has a beautiful heart and is special.”  Blah blah blah… At least he is serious about this wife finding business and seems to be ruthless about it.  I like that.    And, so, the drama mysteriously continues with Vienna still being in the Bachelor house, despite all of his misgivings and “insights” provided by the girls, in particular Jessie.  On Breakfast TV last week, Jessie responded to why she spoke out about Vienna.  She explained that she knew she was going, so decided to be truthful.  Did Jake appreciate it?  Yes, but he still picked Vienna over Ashleigh, who, also being kicked off, left in a disgusted huff.

Vienna always tries to be centre stage

Instead, I will inspire you with this: Come Dine With Me.   I’m sure if you have the BBC channel you might already be familiar with this show.  It airs weeknights on the W Network at 8pm.  Each week follows a new group of strangers who are pitted against each other to put on the best dinner party.  They must provide a starter, a main course and a dessert.  Each night is a new dinner party and in the last episode the winner is declared.  Here is a sneak peak:


I love this show — I love it because it’s just as catty as the Bachelor, but better.  They vote on each other’s food and hosting abilities and they get vicious!  But hilarity often ensues when the host either can’t cook or in the case of one of the hosts, has a cat who gets a little too close to the salmon starter only to leave his hair behind…

If this show ever makes it to Canada….be prepared!  My ricotta filled, prosicotto wrapped chicken might get me on this show!

Bon Appetit!

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  1. February 2, 2010 11:17 am

    I’m actually watching the Bachelor but I’m a few episodes behind.. I’m finding this Bachelor to be a bit of a schmuck, no? Are they all like that?

    I also find it bizarre that he has this harem of women wanting him meanwhile he’s attempting to maintain even-hearted attachments, not to mention the non-stop lip smacking between him and all the ladies. I hope no one’s having a cold sore breakout.


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