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Top Ten things overheard at LG Fashion Week

April 1, 2010

LG Fashion Week's Pat McDonagh runway presentation. Image courtesy of Peter Lytwyniuk at StudioLit.

With every event of this sort the amalgam of people that come together is always interesting to say the least. But just as memorable as the outfits, designers, shows and surrounding fare are the random things you overhear while observing from afar. So as a tribute to those wondrous proclamations here’s my top ten list of things overheard at this year’s LG Fashion Week in Toronto:

1/ “I hope no one sees me near my Pontiac Sunfire . . . I haven’t washed it all winter”

2/ “I swear I think that girl can dunk a basketball.”

3/ “I can’t see anything through these glasses . .  . I don’t even know who’s prescription these are.”

4/ “Who the hell said you could bring cookies back here? We’re trying to work for crying out loud!”

5/ “Must you wear a 3 ft wide bow in your hair AND sit in the front row?”

6/ “Someone said this was a Diet Coke but all I can taste is hairspray”

7/ “I hear next week they’re hosting a cattle and steer auction at the Allstream Center. . . do you think that’s true?”

8/ “I always wondered what would happen if you stood too close to an easy bake oven.” “Yup . . . that makes orange look pale!”

9/ “I think someone confused tonight’s show for the Dancing With the Less Fortunate tryouts.”

10/ “These shoes . . .seriously I can’t feel my baby toe”

I would be flat out lying if I heard these things at LG Fashion Week. But you know those times when you’re staring at people and wondering what their inner monologue is telling them . . . well these aren’t too far from that truth!

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  1. April 1, 2010 11:17 pm

    Awesome top ten list, you had me laughing. Though I identify with #10, “not feeling my baby toe.”

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