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Search and Destroy vol. 2

April 27, 2010

Being stuck for ideas can be one of the most paralyzing feelings in the world. Whether it’s the blinking cursor on your word processor, the blank page in your sketch book or a white canvas on your easel, sometimes that hardest work comes in just getting started. Historically inspiration came from things like long walks in the wilderness or ventures to the library but with the time pressures we’re all under these days those avenues are less available. Enter technology . . .

In the first iteration under the Search and Destroy theme I talked about technology and its apathy towards people, their emotions and desires. While often criticized for this lack of humanness the obvious benefits come from its accessibility, objectivity and reliance. I mean when is the last time your computer told you that it didn’t “feel” like looking at something online? ANYWAY . . . for volume 2 of Search and Destroy I’m turning the search engines onto inspiration with the simple keywords, “Inspire me.” The following are a selection of results that came up with those terms:

First lesson in practical theosophy:

Not quite an angel – Day 83/365:

Planet Shaped Amazing Circle I:

Kids turf:

50’s Housewife:


Explosions in the Sky:


Light painting:

There is something really brilliant about how technology has this ability to conjure up the most imaginative creative exhibition using just two simple words. Whether it’s a color, an image, a provoked memory or independent train of thought hopefully this quick exploration has served you well in your creative pursuit.

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