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Sex and the City Movie 2: Fashion Delirium

May 25, 2010

Sex and the City 2: costume designer Patricia Fields takes it to the stratosphere.

If by chance you have somehow failed to come across pre-launch articles about the clothes in the new Sex and the City 2 movie opening this week, it will nevertheless come as no surprise that the clothes are even more outrageous and high-priced than ever before.

As expected and hoped for, the foursome in SATC2 parade a wardrobe of extravagance, to say the least.

With reputedly many outfit changes during the same scene, the Sex and the City 2 wardrobe is a *turnstyle*.

While the going criticism is that the clothes are too outrageous, too expensive ($10 million wardrobe!), and absolutely unrealistic, would we really want to see anything else? After all, we don’t need to tune in to our fab four NYC ladies to find out what’s trending at H&M and TopShop- that’s what we are wearing.

Article about the outrageously expensive wardrobe for Sex and the City 2: clothes are part of the fun.

Article by Amy O’Dell, The Cut:

There is much to look forward to fashion-wise in the ladies’ $10 million wardrobe: In the karaoke scene pictured, Carrie wears $4,000 embellished jeans by the Blonds under a $47,190 silver-and-gold Chanel lamé dress and overskirt. The spiky shoulders Samantha wears in Abu Dhabi are also by the Blonds and cost $5,000. The matching outfits Samantha and Miley Cyrus wear include $3,500 Matthew Williamson dresses and $300 Dolce Vita boots. Charlotte makes cupcakes in a vintage Valentino blouse under an Anthropologie apron. Miranda wears a $1,400 Roland Mouret dress and in another scene a five-figure 24-karat gold cuff.

Samantha (Kim Cattrall) wears the same spiky-shouldered outfit sported by Rihanna at her record launch party in November 2009

Sarah Jessica Parker sports more than a few Halston pieces, such as this shimmery purple number from the Spring 2010 collection. SJP was recently announced as the new Creative Director for the Halston label.

Looking Photoshopped is expected. Helping sell designer threads? Maybe.

The official movie website has cleverly offered an interactive closet sneak peek into the outfits strutted on set. Pick a garment and see who wears it in what scene and where to buy the individual pieces- either the originals or user-suggested look-alikes. A prominent user Comments scrolling column is filled with people like us ooh-ing and ahh-ing as they offer outfit finds that would suitably recreate looks from the movie at a fraction of the filming budget.

Looking like Carrie is now easier than ever with a deconstructed approach to recreating key outfits from the movie on the site's Sex and the City 2- The Closet

Obtain key looks via user-input finds (column on right).

Sex and the City 2 opens in theatres on Thursday and while you’ll have to wait until then to see this summer’s fashion flick, we were lucky enough to score ticks to a pre-screening event tomorrow (!).

The pre-screening invite states the Dress Code: “Manolos Optional- Feel free to channel your inner SATC character and dress to impress!”

Need I add that there will surely be a lot of outfit judging going on at this movie event? Let the outfit games begin!

FIM goes to Sex and the City 2 on Wednesday!!

Images courtesy of Sex and the City 2 official website and NY Magazine’s The Cut.

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  1. Jordana permalink
    May 25, 2010 5:49 pm

    Fab post! Love all this talk of ridiculously-priced clothing. The photos are great and I’m so looking forward to seeing SATC2 (but, aren’t we all?)!

  2. May permalink
    August 17, 2011 4:49 pm

    does anyone knows who’s the designer of Samantha’s white dress she uses when smoking shisha at the hotel in the movie 2?

  3. January 28, 2013 12:46 am

    Where can I buy the dress that Carrie is wearing when she takes a break and goes to her apparment when Big goes to pick her up the black and white newspaper dress. looking for a dress or just a blouse

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