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Timex 80

June 15, 2010

Time keeper icon: The Timex 80

Surely you recognize this relic from years ago, when it was the ’80s and Timex reigned supreme in the time piece category and sold a gazillion watches just like this to everyone you know.

Well, not only has Timex continued to stay relevant over the years as trends shifted into new wrist wear territory, but now more than ever is the Timex of yesteryear embraced as an icon. Perhaps no other time piece taps into the spirit of the ’80s like this one. Maybe it’s that they launched the first LCD display on a watch and everyone wanted one of these mini-computers. Remember the calculator-faced Timex? They’re still around, too.

Over the past few years, Timex has since expanded their product line and regularly sells the Timex 80 model in various finishes and colours, addressing the current retro and plastic accessory trend as well as the demand for other watch styles.

So many Timex watches, so little time. Selection from

What’s got everyone talking this spring is the upcoming fall launch of the limited-edition Timex 80 metal watch. You’ll have to be mega well-connected to score one of these puppies at the few stores world wide that will be carrying the prized pieces.

The limited-release is inspired by “planets with metal nuances” offering the Timex 80 in Jumbo size and in the three metal finishes: Silver Nova, Gold Comet, and Black Star (pictured below).

The limited edition Timex 80 watch in Silver Nova, Gold Comet, and Black Star will be available autumn 2010

For the rest of us who probably won’t be strapping on the coveted wrist wear this fall, we’ll take second-best: the Classic Digital Timex watch in gold or silver (pictured below).

With a black face and the unmistakable green LCD screen, the Men’s Classic Digital offers the same retro appeal of the original and all of the functionality that you want from the digital product line. It’s a slightly rounder piece that can just as easily slip out of the cuff of a dress shirt as it can follow you to the gym or the night scene.

The Men's Classic Digital Timex watch is a near-copy of the original Timex 80. $70 at

The Classic Digital in silver. $70 at

Sure it’s a “men’s” watch, but who follows those rules, anyway?

The limited edition Timex 80 watch will be available at select stores for fall 2010, including Colette in Paris, Opening Ceremony in New York, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Liberty in London as well as the new flagship Timex store in Milan. Images courtesy of Timex Canada and Timex 80.

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