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Sac du jour

November 4, 2010

Paparazzi Sandra magazine clutch, $78 at Asos

“Please- no pictures!”

Remember when no one wanted to get their picture taken on the street?

Lindsay Lohan (left) and Lauren Conrad have said no before.

These were pre-Sartorialist days, obviously.

Nowadays everyone in a hipster outfit moonlights as a street style photographer. Not that we didn’t have a hand in this; we love seeing unedited fashion on the street and -no big surprise- we give our best fierce when we’re asked to get in front of an over-sized camera flash.

When it comes to paparazzi, we’re just as bad as Gaga and Spears.

Today’s Sac du jour is a bit of fun: a polyurethane clutch that masquerades as the magazine Paparazzi. Have you read Paparazzi before?

Us neither, and that’s probably because Paparazzi magazine doesn’t exist- it’s the name of the label who came up with this clutch.

We see this handy dandy accessory being a bit hit at a cocktail party, especially if it’s a slow night. At least you’ll have some reading material.

Images courtesy of Asos.

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