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The Bachelor Returns

January 5, 2011

Brad Womack as The Bachelor, geez…this might be a tough one.

Wings of Love was a little easier to keep the zingers coming, so Brad Womack could be a tougher sell. He did, after all, walk away as the most hated bachelor. After watching an ABC documentary on The Bachelor (did I just mention documentary and bachelor in the same sentence….sigh), I felt sort of bad for the guy. He went into hiding, dealt with depression and anxiety, sought out therapy…the guy was crucified for not getting married. This could be a very interesting season…..

The best part of The Bachelor season opener is always the cocktail party – first impressions are over and now you really get to know who the best crazies are.  It is at this point I pray that those who are truly crazy stay past the first episode. Some of the best haven’t – the drunk who took off her panties, the one who wanted to procreate — now the girl with the fangs. Oh please let her come back….

Fang girl might make it far, although she hardly seems serious about dating Brad.

The best of the series will come in the next few weeks, with the cat fights and the tears, before the contestants are widdled down to the final two. There are some keepers and some iffy ones, but we shall see in the upcoming weeks, especially now that Seal is showing up for a romantic song moment…just when the Bachelor couldn’t get any cheesier. Fantastic!

Stay tuned for The Bachelor 2011.

And, let me just say…. I’m rooting for the redhead!

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