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Umbro’s kickin’ spring collection crosses new ground

January 18, 2011

Umbro spring 2011 collection

We recently attended Umbro’s spring 2011 collection of athletic and casual wear, and, footie players which we are not, we left feeling rather inspired to kick a ball or two.

Umbro’s big splash on the North American scene means that more dudes will be able to compete for limited-edition items such as their signature jacket in tweed or plaid, or the leather-topped sneakers in forest green for everyday wear.

With a focus on the technical merits of fibres and their weave for athletic performance, Umbro is the name of the game on this type of green. Jerseys are cut to be comfortable and allow mobility on the field while colours and seaming detail bring modernity and a street vibe to the gear.

The new England Home Shirt designed by artist Peter Saville

And as you’ve surely guessed, we’ve got a soft spot for the new England Home Shirt.

Peter Saville, known as a record album designer in the 1980’s for Factory Records artists such as Joy Division and New Order, was brought in to design the new England Home Shirt. Saville’s challenge and interest were in the possibility of bringing colour to the white jersey.

Peter Saville, designer of record covers in the '80s also delved into fashion in the '90s

Peter Saville explains, “I was intrigued to see if there was a pattern of some sort that could in itself be quite minimal but be in a way a medium or a vehicle for colour. In all of that kind of English shirting culture, there’s lots of stripes and spots and checks and things like that, and it was only when the cross pattern became the way we were going to go- at that point it became about society.

“My reservation about our Cross of St. George, the red on the white background, is that it seems quite particular to a historic understanding of England. So instead of just the little red crosses of St. George’s as we would normally expect, they’d be red and blue and green and purple and brown and orange and black and all sorts of colours. You know that that obviously is much more representative of how we understand England- the UK- today.”

Peter Saville designed the England Home Jersey

Saville explains that the colours came from the jersey’s crest: green, red, and blue and the first colour after that added to the crosses was purple- a blend of the red and blue.

Here’s how Umbro describes the shirt’s fabric and fit:

“The England home shirt is constructed from two cotton based fabrics – a thicker one offering protection on the front and back, and a more flexible material providing movement under the arm. Featuring the New Fabric Of England graphic design on the shoulder, the shirt also features a new longer, more open neckline, which provides greater movement across the chest. With the traditional England crest and the Umbro double diamond embroidered on the chest, the new England home shirt mixes the best in design innovation with a strong link to our footballing heritage.”

We highly recommend a quick 2-minute visit to the Umbro site if only to watch the video featuring Saville discussing the creative process for the England jersey. Here’s the link to the site and then simply click on the Peter Saville tab to view the clip.

More pics from our Umbro preview:

Umbro spring 2011 collection

Umbro spring 2011 collection

Umbro spring 2011 collection

Umbro spring 2011 collection

Images courtesy of FIM. Umbro collection available at Umbro.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Denis permalink
    January 18, 2011 6:31 pm

    I love this new jersey! It’s sooooo soft and looks pretty dapper with its tailored fit, I might add. Finally. I can wear a jersey and not feel like I’m wearing a parachute.

    • January 19, 2011 9:35 am

      Denis, Thanks for your feedback about the new England Home Shirt!

      Yes I agree that it’s about time we see a little tailoring in this department, especially since most athletes who wear them have trim figures and certainly don’t need the extra yard of fabric around their middle ;).

      What do you think of the St. George’s Cross in the various colours? Do you like Peter Saville’s design?

      • Denis permalink
        January 19, 2011 4:19 pm

        I was pleasantly surprised by the crosses! I was used to the traditional England Jersey…and then I thought, “Woah! This is pretty sweet”

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