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The Bachelor Recap: Narrowing it Down

February 17, 2011

Emily and Brad's one-on-one date: awkward and cautious in beautiful Anguilla.

I will be pretty upset if Emily isn’t chosen – this girl isn’t dumb.

She has her head on straight because she knows what is important and not to be played around with — her child.

Brad and Emily spent the first part of the show on their 1-on-1 date on the beach. She’s hot. He’s hot. I’m sure their kids would be hot. She’s also not flashy (*cough*cough Michelle) and she takes her time – which she should. I never understood those women who think that their kids will be okay if a team of cameras come trouping through their house and suddenly mommy meets the new daddy, with a big camera standing behind his shoulder. It’s odd.

The show’s dates are starting to get too perfect. The island is a bubble and the closer and closer they get to the moment when the producers demand a final happy ending, the harder it becomes.  erhaps that is why they picked Brad Womack..considering what happened last time. They want it to come down to the wire – the stress and anxiety sure makes for good TV.

Not everyone is having an amazing time in Anguilla. Exhibit A: Michelle.

Enough said — let’s move on to the juicy part.

I love Michelle’s little back camera comments, particularly when she finds out Britt’s 1-on-1 date is on a yacht . She almost snarls, that it would be a “waste of a 1-1 date” and how Britt and Brad probably wouldn’t even find one another on facebook, let alone start a relationship. Delicious…HAHA (evil laugh there)

Brit's one-on-one date aboard a yacht. Nice.

When Brad, at their dinner date, tells Britt that they just don’t have any spark and she should just go home (he said it a little nicer), the stunned look on her face was kind of heart-breaking. She did her best to stick up for herself, but Brad was having none of it and sent her packing.

Brit's one-on-one date with Brad ended in a one-way ticket home, sans yacht.

The other women at the house were one minute excited to see her and then devastated to see her go (or were they?). The funny thing (and this is how I know that editing is all part of the game) is that Britt went right in to see Michelle and give her a hug– makes you wonder if she’s really as bad as they make out her out to be.

The group date starts with Brad waking the women up early in the morning to take them on a photo shoot for Sports Illustrated.

It quickly gets very hot as the women start competing against each other. First Chantal and Ashley take their tops off to get sexy – then Michelle steals Brad and rolls all over him while the other two are forced to watch. Brad immediately feels guilty (after, of course).

Ashley gets cozy with shells as the group date gang looks on.

Chantal takes a turn at the Sports Illustrated photoshoot

Not having fun any more.

The women are obviously upset and very emotional and Brad must deal with the consequences, particularly when he has to give the rose to one girl in a group of three.

Chantal is having a tough time feeling secure. Who isn't?

Then the most controversial rose ceremony yet…as Chris says.

Roses are handed out to everyone- except one.

Brad decides to have the rose ceremony without the cocktail party, freaking out most of the women. But it was quite appropriate that Michelle gets booted off tonight. Like Brad said, their relationship, while hot, was volatile and would probably would have ended up with a lot of black eyes….on Brad.

But, like way a show should end…the icy Michelle left, in silence.

Michelle's stint on The Bachelor is over.

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