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Bachelor Recap: Home Dates!

February 23, 2011

The Bachelor (Brad) visits the four finalists in their home towns. First up: Chantal in Seattle.

This is my favourite episode — the home dates.

I actually look forward to this date the whole season because until the Women Tell All episode, it gets boring. Then it all becomes– I feel a connection/I feel a connection too/I am honestly here for the real reasons/I feel like I could spend the rest of my life with you…blah blah blah…so here is our home dates recap!


Chantal chooses a flight attendant-like outfit for Brad's home visit in Seattle.

Chantal is the first one to have Brad visit her home town. His concern, which he monologues at the beginning of the show, is that Chantal is too emotional and he can’t live in an emotional relationship. Seems to me that most of the women on this show are over emotional, but whatever…

I always love women who declare that they would not give up their pets over anything, and so their potential mate better just learn to live with them. I love it because that’s probably the way I would have been if I had a dog first and ahusband second.

Brad gets Chantal's dad's hug of approval.

Well, if you could see the size of that house and the work on her mother’s face, Chantal comes from a little bit of  money-  Cha-ching!

In summary, the father likes Brad and Chantal cries again because she is afraid to follow her heart. Nothing new and all in all… a boring date. 

3 out of 5


Ashley & fam get cozy with Brad.

A) lets discuss this Dentist thing – how did Ashley go to school and become a dentist by the time she was 26?? Is that possible? **Update – never mind, the father explained she was still in school. So, Bachelor producers, please put Student, not Dentist under her name. You don’t call someone something until they actually have a license to prove it.

B) Did she just say that she thought that everyone ate poutine? That was cute, but I doubt this skinny little thing eats poutine that often…

Poutine is served- fries topped with cheese curds and gravy- and Ashley attempts to be romantic by forcing them to eat it with their fingers. Note to Ash: burning your fingers is *not* hot.

C) Ashley’s family are nice and cute – a little spastic, but cute.

They all eat lobsters and talk over each other. It’s like any family who have someone new in the house. It’s like showing off – here you are, and this is who we are. It’s endearing, but a little too cutsie for me.

Somehow Ashley made the top 4 and she probably doesn't know why (neither do we) but she's falling in love anyway.

Ashley's dad tells Brad about the importance Ashley's career as a dentist. The deer on the wall looks on.

D) Brad goes back and forth with Ashley. I think he likes the idea of Ashley and he tries to convince himself that it would work out, but it almost seems like he reaches out to her family for reassurance because he can’t fully convince himself that she is the one.

3.5 out of 4


The producers of The Bachelor dug up a TV commercial advertising Shawntal Newton's family business: the funeral home.

Uh…okay…a family funeral business. The first thing Brad does on his home visit with Shawntel is visit the funeral home where she and her family work.

Would you want to married to someone who spends all day with dead bodies?

Death being the main topic of dinner table talk?

This is the Newton funeral home incinerator. Another part of Shawntal's daily life as an embalmer.

I have to give it to her though- she knows her stuff, she is confident in her career and she handles her job well. I think a lot of women could learn a lesson about life and career from her.

Brad lays down on the embalming table. Who's idea is this?! Worst date EVER- no contest.

What could be more romantic than walking through a mosoleum?

However, I can also spot a father who puts too much pressure on their daughter: Shawntal’s dad wants her to succeed him at the helm of the Newton Funeral Home business, which means that Shawntal would continue to live in her home town. Brad, on the other hand, lives in Austin, TX, where he’d like to go back and settle down after all this is said and done.

Dad's not liking the idea of Shawntal walking away from the family business he built up.

At this point, odds that Brad will pick her are pretty small —  I don’t think he’s too impressed with the death thing and the conflict of the family business’ succession is a big deal.

I think that Shawntel standing up to her father was a good thing.  However, I  can’t see her going off with Brad into the sunset, leaving her work behind.  No,  I believe that she’ll return to her hometown and realize that it’s the place where she is meant to be…

Family time with the Newtons (top). Here above, you never know what you'll find in someone's parents' home, like these illustrations and old photos.

For being a smart cookie, Shawntal…

4 out of 5


So….tough crowd for poor Brad and the little kid when he meets Emily’s daughter, Ricki (who is adorable, but shy – but wouldn’t you be with cameras sticking in your face?). He is cute and brings her a butterfly kite (in a fun but so produced reminder of his kite-flying date with Emily a few episodes back), but it just seems very forced and very awkward.

Brad, Emily, and little Ricki play with a butterfly kite with some success.

Emily's house is GIANT and Ricki's room is a princess' palace. No joke.

Yes he did: tucking in Ricki for bedtime.

Poor Brad. He tries and eventually the little kid smiles and plays with him, but the conversation is not easy and in the end he can’t even bring himself to kiss Emily with the kid upstairs sleeping. I am actually surprised that he didn’t want to kiss her – but Emily is the one who finally takes control and kisses him.

Awkward: Brad isn't feeling it, Emily wants a kiss.

The kiss- Emily makes it happen.

In my heart I just want him to pick her and she and little Ricki can move to Austin and have a happy little family.

Sigh…but I hate to do this…

2 out of 5 for a zzzzzz visit.

The Rose Ceremony

The Rose Ceremony after all that travel across the USA for home dates.

So, the final score of the night?

Brad chooses to send poor ol’ Funeral Director, Shawntal home.

Shawntal goes home after too much talk & show of death.

Too bad – smart girl, but deep down they both know what leaving her town would mean for her family and the business. Tough choice, but she held it together and went off into the sunset in search of more bodies to exhume….

5 Comments leave one →
  1. February 23, 2011 12:18 pm

    hahaha well said! it’s all so pathetic, yet addicting! thanks for the great recap!

    • February 23, 2011 4:43 pm

      Thanks for your comment & the high-five!

      We love The Bachelor- it’s our winter acai berry tonic ;).


  2. Jordana permalink
    February 24, 2011 7:59 am

    Another great recap Rachel. I just loved the wine cellar in Chantal O’s parents’ house. I wanted a longer tour of that home…who cares about Brad. Is there going to be another bachelor/bachelorette? Any word on who that person might be?

    • February 24, 2011 10:43 am

      I agree, Jordana- I could have toured Chantal’s parents’ place to see what a palace looks like in Seattle.

      Well, the rumours are that Gia, who was on former Bachelor Jake’s season (the last Bachelor before Brad) AND The Bachelor Pad may be the next Bachelorette. She’d be great for ratings since she’s super hot.

  3. Denis permalink
    February 24, 2011 11:56 am

    Always the best recaps!!!

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