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Bought: American Apparel Nail Polish

March 1, 2011

American Apparel nail polish in Summer Peach (left) and Mouse, $7.50 each at American Apparel

This past weekend I visited my long-time friend Jordana who you may know as Monday’s contributor here at Fashion in Motion.

Jordana’s love of white is no secret: she’s the genius behind award-winning all-white blog White Cabana and she’s got killer taste in fashion and design.

I’m a sucker for a good window display and Jordana and I loved the American Apparel nude window at the AA store in London, Ont. We went in and cruised the nail polish selection (nail polish at American Apparel?) and we were quite smitten with the modern and very wearable collection of colours. Like a breeze of spring freshness, I came home with American Apparel nail polish in Summer Peach; Jordana chose Mouse. Don’t you think they go swell together? (pictured above).

I’m due for a pre-ukulele jam nail polish change this week and I’ll be doing a few coats of Summer Peach’s sweet tint. Jordana will be switching from her cherry-red manicured nails into Mouse gray very soon.

Product review UPDATE:

by Jordana:

Last night I said good-bye to my cherry red nails and pulled out the bottle of Mouse, my new American Apparel nail polish. All my other nail polishes are Revlon or OPI so I was excited to see how this AA nail lacquer compared. I prepped my nails with a Revlon base coat, applied two coats of AA and finished off with my Revlon top coat.

Although the name (Mouse) is not my favourite, I absolutely love the colour!

It went on quite opaque with the first coat but I applied two coats just to be extra sure there would be adequate colour coverage. If you’re in the market for new nail polish, AA has quite a great selection of colours, both traditional (basic reds) and hip (hello – neon and green!).

New nail polish colours at American Apparel

A couple of things to point out if you’re trying this nail lacquer out for the first time:

1. The bottle, just like the ladies in the AA store said, needs to be well shaken before use as the polish does seem to separate. I’m not sure why this happens but it does.

2. The nail polish is also much runnier than other nail polishes I’ve used and as such, I really needed to wipe the brush off the side of the bottle to avoid major drips of polish on my nails.

3. Go for it! Live a little! Get your Mouse on! (okay- this last tip is by Johanne, not Jordana, but surely Jordana would say this, too?).

Images courtesy of American Apparel.

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