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Bachelor Recap: The Women Tell All

March 9, 2011

Chris Harrison is the star of The Bachelor's "The Women Tell All" episodes. In this one, he is particularly lousy at hiding his enjoyment of the ladies' bickering and sobs, gleefully stirring the pot with "What did you mean by that?" line of questioning. Tsk tsk.

I’m back – last week was a tad busy and exhausting, so I missed my last post. I did, however, catch up through other blog posts and the summary of what happened. You should know by now, as it is a week later, that Ashley H. was let go because our Bachelor Brad had doubts about their future together.

Let’s start off this week with a note – my husband is convinced that most people who show up on reality shows are actually actors.

Watching this episode of the Bachelor’s The Women Tell All – I might have to agree. Although the drama is just getting good (only 1.2 hr into the show), I have to wonder if Michelle has ever done some acting. One Twitter follower (#thebachelor) said that she could have acted on Days of Our Lives.

Almost all the ladies were there for The Women Tell All episode of The Bachelor.

The Women Tell All starts with Chris bringing up the whole drama with Michelle – showing the off camera confessionals. Then the girls go on the attack!  Some say she deserved it but my suspicions were right – she was actually a nice person in the house. Everyone liked her!

Jackie got nasty. Clearly not a friend or a fan of Michelle's escapades.

The next battle was Rachel and Melissa: they are both crazy, but the way Chris pulls at them, prodding them to confess and say the right things to get each other going – it was kind of like a well-choreographed dance. They both blamed each other until Ashley (the weepy one – I can’t keep track of them) blasted them both saying that it was their own fault – that you can NEVER act that way in front of a guy. True? What do you think?


Melissa took a spin in the hot seat with Chris Harrison, who made sure it got ugly between her and arch enemy Raichel

Back to Michelle on the hot seat with Chris in front of the other women.

It was so well acted that you almost believed her – the way she sucked in her breath and tried not to sob. Mmmm….did you believe her? A++ for being the most entertaining Michelle and the soft music that played out to commercial as she finally broke down. (Check out this IMBD bio)

Michelle put on a great emotional show. Not sure who's believing or doubting her.

Ashley S. got on the couch next and squeaked out her sad account of her bachelor dismissal. Is she related to that last gal on the Bachelor- Tenley? I’m pretty sure we are going to see her on the next episode of The Bachelor Pad.

Ashley S. watches herself on The Bachelor. More sadness ensues.

And now let’s change Ashleys over for tanned and make-overed (now brunette!) Ashley H., the third-place finalist. Is the example for every person who has been in that place – “Why didn’t I say that… if I had just said that.. what would have happened.” While I liked her honesty, it was a bit nauseating how she pushed the “new Ashley” who was ready to love again. The new hair? The tan? The new attitude? Snort…is she feeling for the next Bachelorette role???

Brown all-around. Ashley H. clearly has Bachelorette dreams.

Brad came on next and held his own – he’s definitely the bachelor I like the most. He finds his footing quite nicely when on the hot seat and his honesty is endearing. And the footage of him holding the children at the school in South Africa? Gulp… tingle. And the outtakes make you want to grab him.

Brad manages to keep it together but does have a moment or two of nervous energy.

Well, next week is the final rose ceremony.

Are you ready? Have you made your bets? The tabloids have already been on the prowl. It looks like has backtracked a little if you’ve been reading up on his blog.

And for a little fun…

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