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Lise Watier Glam’rous

April 5, 2011

Lise Watier's new Glam'rous collection: 12 Hrs GLAM Flawless Complexion and Duo Glam Rouge Infini Lipstick and tint.

When we’re asked to review beauty products, we kind of always hope they’re going to be AMAZING but we all know that that is not always the case.

When it comes to perfection in a tube, Lise Watier‘s new Glam’rous collection has got it goin’ on. The Glam’rous products are sexy, long-lasting and simply the best new beauty discovery of the year.

We had a chance to try both of these two fab new Canadian cosmetics and we haven’t stopped wearing them (and not just because they truly do last twelve hours). As the lucky gals who met with Lise Watier’s beauty team including famous (and beautiful!) Lise Watier International Makeup Artist David Vincent who helped us better understand the new collection and how to wear it this spring. We were very impressed by the quality of the Glam’rous product line and the warm welcome by the Montreal-based Lise Watier crew.

Beautiful! Me with Lise Watier International Makeup Artist David Vincent

Lise Watier new Glam'rous cosmetic collection

We haven’t stopped raving about the Duo Glam Rouge Infini Lipstick and lip tint. This two-headed beauty vial is made for the modern gal: one end is a creamy rich long-lasting lipstick, while the other is a liquid tint- perfect for that hint of puckered goodness. We like to wear the lip tint during the day: its satin finish feels lovely and it has a slightly sweet taste that is a nice surprise for your kisser. The tint is easy liquid to apply, dries nicely within seconds and looks natural for a sexy bitten-lip look.

The lipstick goes on smoothly and gives a glam rich lip that, as promised, lasts 12 hours. This is truly the kind of thing you want to have in your purse- you only need one stick to have two beauty options. Lise Watier’s Duo Glam Rouge Infini Lipstick comes in 16 beautiful shades including this spring’s corals (our faves), fresh lavenders, rich reds and classic burgundy and plum.

Marina (background) and I checked out the Duo Glam Rouge Infini Lipstick by Lise Watier and we loved it. Obvs.

The Glam’rous collection’s 12 Hrs GLAM Flawless Complexion is a neat little thing you’ll also want to tuck into your handbag. It’s a complexion-smoothing creamy liquid that blends perfectly with your skin to even out its tone and lay the canvas for the day’s adventures- whatever those may be.

A medium-solid cream touch-up is neatly tucked into the bottle’s cap. Whether you’re keeping it light and fresh or truly going glam for the evening, the product delivers on its ease of application, lasting power, and beautiful finish on the skin. It is available in 6 tone-matching shades. Bonus: the bottle cap’s flip-top mirror is genius for on-the-go application. So smart. And perfect. And Canadian!

If there are two things you should have in your bag this spring, Glam’rous by Lise Watier is it. Get some!

Images courtesy of Lise Watier.

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