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Sac du jour

May 19, 2011

Orangeyou glad it's not red? Us too. Marc by Marc Jacobs Bianca satchel, $498 at Holt Renfrew

Among the colours to watch for this spring, we’ve already taken it upon ourselves to feature orange as a zesty choice for the modern man. We assume that the modern woman has already incorporated orange into her wardrobe and if she hasn’t, then today is the day to start thinking in shades of citrus.

Today’s sac is in a punchy orange that is quite unforgettable. Technically-speaking, the 2-for-1 functionality of the bag as a hand-held piece or as a cross-body satchel is another smooth move in our estimation. We’re also into the gold hardware, although we could do without the designer Marc Jacob’s name etched on the gold plate closure. Designers: it’s 2011- aren’t we over this?

At the tune of $498, we suppose that it’s not really all that extravagant since it is leather, will last you forever and will gracefully take you into the tea room while two-timing at the disco if it must.

We also couldn’t help featuring this origami-esque bag in the same bright colour by our friend Marc:

Save the Birds Lenny lamb leather tote, $528 at Marc by Marc Jacobs

Images courtesy of Holt Renfrew and Marc Jacobs.

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