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Sac du jour

July 14, 2011

The luxurious but practical leather tote by Saddleback Leather is quintessentially timeless. $485

Today’s sac feature has all the elements of a classic: full-grain lightweight leather, serious equestrian-inspired straps and buckles, and an uncomplicated design fit for the saddle or the street styler’s grip.

This Saddleback Leather piece has a removable liner that we anticipate will be useful if by chance a few ketchup chip crumbs somehow find their way into the bag. These things have been known to happen to even the most careful of tote-toting gals. And besides, Saddleback Leather is all about making tough leather gear that’s ruggedly handsome and built to function in even the most Indiana Jones of situations. So a few chips will hardly matter.

Other fine leather specimens from Saddleback Leather:

Leather pouch in chestnut, $127"

iPad leather pouch, $55

Large leather suitcase in tobacco brown, $965

Images courtesy of Saddleback Leather.

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