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Michelle Williams for Vogue US

September 13, 2011

Michelle Williams in a Marilyn Monroe-inspired look covers Vogue US's October 2011 issue as a pre-emptive to the November movie release, My Week With Marilyn.

The cover: Vogue US’s October 2011 cover image

The model: Actress Michelle Williams

The set & styling: Presumably a heavily-curtained lounge or boudoir. Tonne Goodman styled Williams for this shot in the continued promotion of the new film My Week With Marilyn starrring the starlet as the famous blonde intertwined with Sir Laurence Olivier during the production of 1957 film, The Prince and The Showgirl

The photographer: Annie Leibovitz

The final word: Given that the look is regularly-attempted by seen fair-skinned beauties with a penchant for thick curls, red lipstick and a plunging neckline, we’d say it’s fairly good Marilyn make-believe with the exception of Williams’ expression. Here, we see her in the getup- this is not the actress in character, but rather in costume.

As many silhouettes return to classic cuts and feminine curves this fall (Banana Republic’s Mad Men collection comes to mind- a different decade but retro nonetheless), women are enjoying flaunting their assets. We love this trend and hope that real bodies continue to make it onto the covers of mega mags like Vogue- as they’ve always been down the halls at the office.

Image courtesy of Vogue US.

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