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Sac du jour

September 15, 2011

Hey there good lookin: Why, you look a lot like a Missoni. Beaded bag, $50 at Aldo Shoes

Some of us had our eye on more than a few zig zags from the Missoni for Target collection released last week but, unfortunately, we

1. are not in America where the coveted goods are sold

2. and if we were, we’d still be too lazy to get up at the crack of dawn to line up for collaborative collection sales which always end up selling out by the time we show up.

And here we are, still waiting for a little piece of Italian jagged line with no hope in sight. Might we content ourselves with an alternative? Yes, please.

Today’s Sac isn’t just any old this-could-do number; it’s actually a really nifty piece that could have been part of the Missoni for Target lineup. (We suggest telling everyone that it is and seeing what happens. In fact, if you’d like to report back with your findings in the Comments section, A+ to you.)

Aldo Shoes has been working on their accessories line for a few years and they’ve proven to be a reliable last-minute destination for everything from emergency flats to 10-inch tassel earrings for Oscar night. With our Sac’s beads going this way and that, we not only see the potential for denim and dancing, but also for nearly any colour and trend match under our cooling autumn skies.

And- here’s the cheap shot- it also comes in shiny gold. So now you really REALLY want to buy it.

Images courtesy of Aldo Shoes.

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