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Trend: Tights for a new fall

September 20, 2011

Tights- back again this year in more colours and weaves than previous seasons. Diamond web tights, $6.80 at Forever 21

This season is all about patterned tights- again.

With more colours, prints and weaving on offer for fall then we’ve seen in past cool-weather seasons, we recommend getting a leg up on some fun patterns to cut up the office blahs. We love the look of patterned gams with the heel du jour- the wedgie (wedge + bootie):

Patterned open-toe wedge bootie, $33.80 at Forever 21

Suede lace up wedges, $33.80 at Forever 21

The trends for fall are signalling clashing patterns, so we like to call it anything goes when it comes to coordinating tights, wedgies and minis.

As for what you should buy, well, we always go with what tickles our fancy. After reading a very informative scientific product test of various tights on the market– from the cheapies to the primos- turns out that quality non-piling, non-stretching, and long-lasting tights are not necessarily the most expensive. Not that we’re surprised, but now we know to buy Urban Outfitters over Kate Spade. Check out the study to find out how today’s Forever 21 tights fared- although we’re not sure if the tested tights included the lacy variety featured in this post.

Today we’ve got a one-stop shop selection of nifty tights from bargain galore depot Forever 21. While we agree that this place ranks somewhere at the bottom of the bin when it comes to experience, the accessories are always dependably fab.

Floral lace tights, Forever 21

Pointelle tights, $9.80 at Forever 21

Ribbed knit tights, $6.80 at Forever 21

Lace print tights, $9.80 at Forever 21

Floral tights, $7.80 at Forever 21

Contrast herringbone tights, $9.80 at Forever 21

Zig Zag knit tights, $9.80 at Forever 21

Images courtesy of Forever 21.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. September 20, 2011 12:52 pm

    Love the tights and shoes! Jen xoxo

    • September 22, 2011 9:46 am

      Thanks! I do too- I absolutely love wearing knit and patterned tights. We’ll feature knee-high socks, too- they’re a must for fall!

      thank you for your comment! :)

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