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Paris Fashion Week

September 28, 2011

Hatted up on the runway at Paris Fashion Week's Aganovich show yesterday

Wow so quickly we’ve skipped from Milan to Paris-! Well just a few weeks ago it was New York Fashion Week, then London Fashion Week (which no one really noticed too much) and then we were in Italy eating insalata caprese and now it’s cheese. God we love a homecoming.

As if you had any doubt, where else would you spot these puff hats (pictured above) but in the beret capital itself?

While we’re here, might we for a moment clear the air about iconic/stereotypical French looks surfacing as trends every spring and fall-? When worn all together on a regular shopping day, the look can be quite powerful:

Is this what French people look like during the summer and winter, too?

In the spring, it’s stripes. For fall, count on the beret. We’ve already seen them in burgundy at Joe and H&M offers a nice camel colour option for the essential early autumn look:

A camel beret- a little less cliché but still all the fun. $6.95 at H&M

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