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Sac du jour

October 13, 2011

When just a touch a snakeskin will do, Modalu London's got your back. $178 at Town Shoes and Modalu London

Today on Sac du jour we go for the gourd and come out with a hiss.

While some people would consider us people of the north, Canadians are hardly out that out of bounds when it comes to what’s happening around the world. Our Blackberrys don’t work either.

Forget technology- a leather sac from Modalu London is as reliable a carrier as it gets and now that the label is available in Canada at Town Shoes, we’ve really got it all. Our pumpkin-shaped feature crush (pictured above) is a sumptuous leather creation by Norwegian-born Marion Muhonen Nilson who launched the London-based company in 2004 .

After a few seasons of bean-shaped slings, Birkin copies and rectangled clutches, the Lauren Grab bag’s plump belly nicely pairs with its print suede structured top and gathered handle. (And how cute is that door knocker front closure?)

The look is reminiscent of a coin purse without breaking the bank: at $178, it’s well within reach for gals who value style and the essential use of a shouler strap. Live a little, leave the dead phone at home and deliver the news in person- messenger style.

Image courtesy of Modalu London.

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