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Print safari for spring from J Manuel at LG Fashion Week

November 3, 2011

J Manuel collaborated for another season with Sears to create relevant looks for the Attitude lineup for spring 2012. Our faves: prints reminiscent of a '70s safari. Much to our glee, Somali-Canadian mega model Yasmin Warsame walked the Toronto presentation.

We had the pleasure of dropping into some of the hottest shows at LG Fashion Week in Toronto, one of which was the J Manuel for Attitude at Sears presentation.

With a smoke machine, custom high-gloss psychedellic-print runway in tan brown swirls and high-profile Yasmin Warsame walking the show, it was kind of a big deal. As we’ve said before, it’s a bizarre moment in fashion history when the coveted seats at Fashion Week are for mega-corporation mass-market affordable threads. But, alright, we’ll go with it.

So what makes Sears so great?

First off, Sears gets that this is a show. A show. And so, yes, they come in full regalia to deliver a feast for the senses: the music is always upbeat and spot-on, the makeup flawless, the accessories du jour and the clothes- well, these are clothes we all want to wear. And wear ’em we will.

If you skip over the stream of office basics that somehow made it on the runway (please, Sears, don’t show us this stuff- we know you make blazers and wrap jersey dresses but that’s not for the runway- come on, you know better) then you’ve got a really fun collection of jumpsuits, sheer blouses and fun prints- sometimes all in one. We also loved the head scarf styling and the hippy vibe- I mean, we are in the midst of a hippy phase, aren’t we?

As for J Manuel, we’re not really sure what he’s adding to the Attitude line besides a little silvery limelight; after all, the Attitude collection looked just fine and dandy in previous seasons. We’d love to know more about his input in designing the pieces.

While the fashion scene in Canada continues to grow (and who knows where it’s going), we applaud the mega retailer’s efforts to bring fashion to the nation. In fact, we’ve even presented on the idea at last winter’s Ignite Toronto. So, well done, Sears, and see you at the checkout this spring.

Images courtesy of George Pimentel for the FDCC.

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