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Sac du jour

November 10, 2011

Celine's Trapeze bag looks the best in a mutliple colourway, such as the burgundy (above).

Today’s Sac is something of a phenomenon: Celine’s Trapeze bag looks like a cross between a watering can and a business briefcase.

The bag’s hard masculine structural core shape is seriously demarked by a no-fun metal closure, while the short leather handle and general absence of bling, dangles or studs continue to suggest that this puppy spends many an evening skimming trousers on the way to the late night train.

But, not so fast- we have wings coming out from both sides and that just wouldn’t wash with the ‘stache types.

Done in creamy leather modestly dotted with button closures to keep out meandering glances and deep pocket advances, the bag is actually more moth than man bag. We like the look, we’d wear it with some seriously smokin’ heels, like these Brian Atwood lovelies:

YES! Brian Atwood does it again

Image courtesy of Celine and Brian Atwood.

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