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Holiday Look Countdown: #5

December 14, 2011

White hot: stand out in a sea of black with something sexy that glitters. One-shoulder dress, Bedo, $175.

Today we’re launching a holiday series for the last-minute dress situation many of us are experiencing (even as we write).

The idea isn’t just took look stunning for your little festive affair, but rather to pick up something a little different that will also wear over time and more than a few cocktail events.

We begin with a fun little one-shoulder idea available at Canada’s very own Bedo. As a destination for the perfect mini dress or Max Mara look-alike coat, Bedo is something of a success story, having maintained their trend focus while also keeping the taste factor and seam integrity high.

When you find yourself blending in with the boring black brigade at the office and at every dressy event in town, it’s time to step up your game with snow white threads. White is a perennial colour that is stylish and beats winter”s blahs with that one-two punch of being 1) different than everyone else’s colour choice and 2) breaking that ridiculous rule of no white after Labour Day (which we’ve discussed here at length people- wear your whites!).

Today’s pick also meets that ‘festive attire’ requirement- nary a square inch of this gown isn’t covered in sequins. Wear it like you see it: sheer black tights, black pumps and clutch, fur stole (ditch the pashmina!) and you’re golden.

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