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Sac du jour

December 15, 2011

No more cold loonies: keep your change cozy in the Hudson Bay Company's coyote fur utility bag. $795 at The Bay

Today we take inspiration from the great Hudson’s Bay Company for a very cozy kind of sac: the coyote fur utility bag.

As a born & raised Canadian emerging out of this country’s cold rural nether regions, fur is not so much a fashion statement but a necessity for staying warm. Having grown up wearing fur hats, mittens and boots, and now continuing to embrace the fuzzy stuff, the idea of a spray can coming in between me and my fur love is cause enough to remind weary readers that Canada’s fur industry is managed closely with policies and governing agencies such as the Fur Institute of Canada.

An important part of economic development throughout the nation and a legitimate need for northern dwellers, fur is also a sustainability winner. Canada is a world leader in trap research and continues to further humane and safe animal trapping.

But enough about logistics- how about that coyote bag?

The Hudson’s Bay Company is an important part of Canada’s fur history, having established a network of trade across the country in 1670 to supply furs to the English homeland. I am fascinated in the role of sales channels and how trends are dispersed far and wide (or not) and I investigated the idea of the department store’s role/responsibility in bringing trends to rural Canada in a presentation at Ignite Toronto featured here.

One of the trends we featured on here in the past still holds this year: warm is in (!). It’s now impossible to attend a high fashion event without getting stepped on by a clunky Sorel.

Sorel boots are fun. Shivering in stilettos, not so much. Sorel Joan of Artic boot, $180

In continuing with the heritage revival moment, we selected a few other HBC novelties to keep you warm and hip this season:

Russian style coyote fur hat, $695

HBC suede moccasin beaded with the Co's heritage colours, $125

Sheerling wine bag, $195

 Images courtesy of The Bay and Sorel.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. December 16, 2011 11:15 pm

    The sheerling wine bag is so unnecessary that I am finding it a must-have item. I mean, people wouldn’t even know what to say!

    • December 19, 2011 9:42 am

      hahah- totally!
      I tried on the coyote fur hat this weekend at The Bay and it was furrific.

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