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Fragrance Review: Perfumes to GO!

February 9, 2012

Bill Cunningham's iconic photo-doc pages in the New York Times are unparalleled street style compilations. Women (above) are caught on the go in New York City last month; are there purse-sized perfumes in those handbags? We think so. The question is- how many?

Dearest Fashion in Motion readers, this week you’re in for a treat: we’re reviewing two new spring fragrances in ‘to-go’ formats!

Vanessa, our Fragrance Columnist, launches into Love, Chloé, while tomorrow Johanne dabs on Marc Jacobs’ Oh Lola! in the second part of this feature.

Do you carry a fragrance in your bag? Tell us!!

Although this may at first seem unrelated for a fragrance feature, we couldn’t help but slip in a Bill Cunningham image compilation of women on the streets of New York last month rocking the ankle boot with narrow trousers (top). With a keen eye and fearless chase for capturing what’s happening right now in fashion regardless of what any designer show speculates, Bill Cunningham’s work exudes the spirit of a moment and the speed of a strut. His feature page is now  now mostly a digital space that involves videos of his images accompanied by his narrative perspective on what he saw. And if you (still) haven’t seen the fascinating documentary following him on the hot trail of fashion, well, get on that!

Here’s the trailer:

And now, without further ado…

TODAY- Part 1: Vanessa reviews Love, Chloé

Love, Chloe Limited Edition Purse Spray. Sometimes its not what's on the inside that counts.

Chloé has just released a limited edition purse spray of their popular 2010 fragrance, Love, Chloé.  For those who haven’t sniffed it, Love, Chloé is an ultra-feminine, powdery floral.

It’s pretty, light, and now it comes in the most beautiful purse-sized packaging. Frankly, I’m a big fan of small-sized bottles: I own small bottles of several of my faves just so I can have them close by me at all times. Prada and Chanel and Hermès all sell purse size versions of their scents and they are genius for the on-the-go gal. Even the blessed Frederic Malle sells his collection of niche fragrances in a convenient 10ml size, but I digress.

I bet you are wondering what this scent smells like so I will tell you. It’s  going to sound a bit weird but, it is supposed to smell like makeup – face powder to be exact.

Perfume that smells like makeup. The kind my stylish grandmother had with the big puff on her vanity.

Love, Chloé opens with powerful purple flowers like lilac, iris, hyacinth and wisteria. There are notes of orange blossom (undetectable to me) and a punchy pink pepper. Despite the rather intense opening, this fragrance quickly calms down and settles into a warm, powdery musk, thanks to talc and rice powder. It very feminine, however I found that after a few hours it was barely there. It seemed to last longer on my clothes, which I didn’t hate. Basically, its pretty and pretty basic at the same time.

But enough about what this perfume smells like, would you look at how cute it is!! (pictured above)

The bottle for this purse spray is absolutely stunning to behold. Vintage and modern at the same time, its the bottle makes this scent desirable. The petite rose gold flask fits neatly in your hand. It is softly shiny and has the most dainty little chain attaching the cap to the bottle. The flask holds a 10ml vial of perfume and comes with 2x 10ml additional replacement vials. I think I would be making excuses to dig around in my purse to find the thing. Seriously, if only all fragrances came in this portable permutation; the world would be a much, much more beautifully scented place.

No, this is not my grandmother but you get the idea: glamour is the Love, Chloé way!

Love, Chloé is available at Sephora and other fine perfume purveyors.

Part 2: Johanne reviews Marc Jacobs’ Oh Lola! coming up tomorrow.

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