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Canadian Lifestyle Boutique: A.D.F.M.

March 5, 2012

Art. Design. Fashion. Music. Canadian online retailer A.D.F.M. stocks the hippest of the hip clothes and accessories for the creative crowd.

Hallucination dress by Cameo, $178, A.D.F.M.

Brooke Skirt, $30, Cheap Monday, A.D.F.M.

Brenna skirt by Dolce Vita, $54.99, A.D.F.M.

Bex boots by 80%20, $115, A.D.F.M.

Jericho shoe in Hollywood pink by Native Shoes, $55, A.D.F.M.

Doreen Trench by Mackage, $480, A.D.F.M.

Lux striped jersey by Joyrich, $35, A.D.F.M.

Viktor Hertz poster, $52.99, A.D.F.M.

Thermo cup by Menu, $15, A.D.F.M.

Look at the full A.D.F.M. collection of art, design, fashion, and music here.

Images courtesy of A.D.F.M.

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