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Chanel rouge lipstick comes/cons home

March 8, 2012

The Rouge Allure lipstick by Chanel in Hyde Park- compare with my own pics (below). I can't believe I own this

Last week, I was due for a little pick-me-up celebration and before I knew it, I became the owner of the ultimate in decadent beauty stuffs: Chanel lipstick.

Maybe to you fancy folks Chanel lipstick is a way of life, not a guilt-ridden expenditure. Well, over here where product freebies flow nicely from season to season thanks to this amazing little blogging adventure, it seems almost ridic to spend hard-earned cash on stuff we get at no cost. Even if I never get freebie Chanel anything.

And although I’d love to say I went out and treated myself and walked away victoriously with my head held high- well, my little (big) Chanel purchase was a kind of a con.

And so behold- Chanel rouge lipstick in Hyde Park. Spring’s new colour and my very guilty pleasure.

This is the real deal, folks, not some knock-off. (Do they make knock-off lipsticks?)

I must say that the colour is truly lovely and the packaging feels beautiful in the hand

Now, what I’m calling a con is really just a spring customer event at Holt Renfrew where I was treated to a free Chanel manicure (looked amazing!) and then the makeup application. I arrived at Holt Renfrew last Friday night with my hair in a slick pompadour (that I did myself), in a hot little fetish-inspired outfit (read: black & tight,- glossy liquid leggings, see-through tee, and wide leather belt with a few zippers) perfect for the Korean video dance party I’d be attending later on after dinner with my Festive Friday date.

I know that you can't tell that this is me at 2am so I'll brag: yeah the hair held up and the Chanel makeup and J.Lo lips did too. And No I didn't Photoshop this!! geez

Wearing not a speck of makeup since the event promised makeup and mani, it was definitely time I got my face did and I sat in the high chair next to a counter brimming with Chanel everything, and the makeup artist looked at me and then presented me with the choice of three lip colour and a gloss.

Me: “Um, yeah they’re all really pretty. I don’t know which one to pick. Shouldn’t we do the other makeup first?”

Chanelist: “No- for the makeup you get the lips only. You only get the full makeup if you purchase three products.”

Me: (gulp) “I was thinking I’d buy one product, but not three.”

At this point I’m lying and it’s probably obvious.

Chanelist: “Hm well that’s what we’re doing. You got the manicure for free. We’re only doing makeup touch-ups.”

I also want to say that there’s no one else there getting a mani or a makeup.

Me: “Well, I didn’t know. So um, I didn’t wear any makeup and I’m going out tonight.”

Chanelist: (not impressed): “Well that’s what we’re doing. So which lip colour do you like?”

Me: “Well in that case, can we skip the lips and can you do my eyes?”

Like, seriously. Let’s be strategic. I can throw on coat of lipstick from whatever’s rolling around in my hobo bag gathering crumbs at the seal.

Chanelist: (sighing loudly): “What are you wearing tonight?”

Um-!? Isn’t it obvious? I wouldn’t normally show up at a department store wearing this!!? And then I think, this is Holt Renfrew, I’ve already seen a lot of seriously dressed-up ladies walking around. And by ladies I mean older women in very ridiculous/racy outfits unfit for shopping. And when did I become so judgmental?

Me: “I’m wearing black.”

I actually never wear black, so that’s a big deal for me. First, to own black clothes, then to wear them together.

And off he goes. Mostly silently, he work his magic. It’s taking a really, really long time. He’s doing it all- eyes, face, and then lips. I feel that I’m looking pretty damn hot, and I was. He finishes with the lip gloss that they call the J.Lo gloss because it’s her colour or something, anyway- it’s a nude shade. He tells me at least five times that I can’t wear bright lipstick with my makeup tonight, and that I really need to have a nude something for my lips. He’s pushing the J.Lo gloss on me really REALLY hard.

So, what’s a gal to do?

I buckle. But I don’t buy the J.Lo gloss. I buy the coral/orangey lipstick since that’s just way more fun and I figure that if I’m dropping any cash at Chanel, I’m gonna make it last and I won’t be eating it like I seem to suck back lip gloss. I also figure that I can probably pick up a nude gloss no problem somewhere like Shopper’s Drug Mart.

So I choose to buy the Hyde Park- I’m feeling okay. I figure $20 ought to do it. Apparently not. $45 big ones. I obviously had a case of sticker shock but I’m at Holt Renfrew, my face is done, my lips are J.Lo’s and my nails are glossy. Everyone’s told me I look glam and I’m handing over my plastic like a good girl. I start to feel sick. They’re having problems with their payment machine- I start to panic- and I see my window of back-tracking opportunity- I can come back! Let’s just cancel! No problem!!  And I get a stern look from the two ladies handling the machine and they say, no no it’s fine, it’s fine, just wait. WAIT ma’am!

And would you look at that? I had no idea how to open the darned thing. Press the gold double-C bottom- it has a built-in spring-loaded end, and out comes the gold part, which you then pull out and voila!

Amazing. So the lipstick actually goes on rather nicely, I love the feel and the colour. It has no scent or flavour, which is great. My boyfriend thinks that $45 for a lipstick is normal (bless his heart) so all's well that ends well

And so I wait, I sign, and I tell them I don’t need the little hot pink Holt Renfrew bag- the fewer traces of my “freebie” makeover, the better. I race off, I throw out the receipt in the garbage. Eliminate every trace. By now I’m late for dinner, I’m feeling like I’m a total failure.

Well, I got over it. I couldn’t put it on that night- it would have truly been too much with all that face makeup- so I threw on a coat the next morning right before getting into the shower. Why not? Might as well have some fun with it.

And yes- we did just feature a slew of nudes for spring (I’ve already got one nude lipstick from years ago) and I could have chosen a new nudie, but the Hyde Park shade of coral/orange/pink was too good to pass up.

Images courtesy of yours truly except for that top pic, which is from Chanel

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  1. March 9, 2012 12:24 pm

    I just got my first Chanel lipstick too, except in red! I got the Lord & Taylor Rue la la deal ($20 for $50 cash) and I spent it on Chanel. It was a really fun and a little less guilty shopping spree! I’m really happy with the quality and went a whole night out (which included dinner) with only reapplying once!

    • March 9, 2012 12:37 pm

      Hi! Yay! Welcome to the Chanel club! Thanks so much for your comment!

      I’m really impressed with the lipstick, too, but I have to say that it took me until now to get over spending that much on lipstick. But it was totally worth it- I agree with you. Great lasting power and superb colour and finish.

  2. Vanessa permalink
    March 13, 2012 3:58 pm

    I’m jelly about your purchase and equal parts impressed on your skillz at the counter!

    You look fabulous in the pic -go go Johanne!

    • March 14, 2012 7:38 am

      Thanks! I thought the experience warranted some pics- even if they were deep at the tail end of the night. Too bad the J. Lo gloss was all gone by then.

      I’m happy to report that I’m still loving the Chanel lipstick! :)
      Do you have a Chanel lipstick, Vanessa?


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