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Fragrance Review: Princess Night by Vera Wang

March 22, 2012

I have loved perfume since I can remember.

It’s in some of my earliest memories of people and places.  I can remember my mum coming out of her bathroom on her way to the theatre and a big cloud of Lancome’s Magie Noire enveloping the room. Or the smell of my grandmother’s silk scarves drenched with Cacharel’s Anaïs Anaïs. And of course, the pivotal life moment in grade five when Kelly wore a Body Shop perfume oil to school. That was the day that I realized that I, too, could wear scent.

This stuff was pretty intense. I got busted spraying myself on multiple occasions.

Nana loved her some of this white floral musk. If I was good, she'd let me have a spritz.

The connection between scent and memory fascinates me. And when I opened up the shiny purple box for Vera Wang’s new scent Princess Night I felt like I was back in the eighties. Right back to grade five. If I had seen this bottle when I was eleven my heart and head would have probably imploded. The bottle design is shaped like a heart with a silver bejeweled crown cap.  It reminds me of something you might find on Etsy – the basement creation of a crafty tween goth. So. Much. Glitter. Its not sophisticated, but it’s kind of fun.

When I think glitter, Mariah Carey just shows up like an evocation.

Smell-wise, Vera Wang‘s Princess Night is saccharine sweet. A very berry fragrance with a heavy-handed vanilla and rose musk lurking underneath. It’s so sweet and fruity that it initially reminds me of  the dreaded Dewberry.

For those of you who don’t remember, Dewberry was the 80’s Body Shop hit worn by mean girls. It was sweet and incredibly pervasive.

Dewberry, dewberry dewberry...

The packaging alone tells me that  Princess Night is clearly been made with the cough *younger customer in mind.

Despite the fact that it reminds me of grade school trauma, that doesn’t mean someone wouldn’t enjoy it. And really after the dry down, its not nearly as bad as the infamous Dewberry.

If you like sweet fragrances, you might like to smell this one. I can’t guarantee that you’ll score like the promise in this ad (below)- after all, this seems a little fast for grade school.

Total prom night vibe. And I suppose the midnight Garden of Eden scene with Adam awkwardly holding the apple/bottle tells us that yes, girls, this is the lure to score that hot guy in class. When you're old enough.

Images courtesy of featured brands.

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