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Fragrance Review: Bottega Veneta Eau De Parfum

March 29, 2012

Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum is a soft floral and leather fragrance. This fragrance works with your skin, creating a warmth that should be experienced up close and personal

Known by fashionistas worldwide, Italian luxury brand Bottega Veneta has recently released a fragrance.

Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum is categorized as a “leathery floral chypre” fragrance. Named simply after the fashion house, the scent is inspired by the costly and coveted leather goods they produce. It seems fitting that a leather brand would make a leather scent, right? And who doesn’t like the smell of a fancy shoe shop, fine gloves or a beautiful purse?

A spring 2012 collection example of the leather braiding Bottega Veneta is famous for. I am a sucker for canary yellow leather and I could probably make room for this in my collection...

The other notes are Italian bergamot, Brazilian pink pepper, Indian Sambac jasmine, oakmoss, and patchouli.  It’s a very warm scent, not something that screams spring, which makes me want to wear it even more this season. The fragrance opens very bright and fairly intense with bergamot and heavy on the oakmoss/patchouli.  It’s only in the dry down that you get that reverential “leather”.

Once settled on my skin its subtle and quite sexy. I love the way it softens and mellows out like leather does with use.   After a few hours, it’s very faint but I still smell good and reminds me of a fancy silk scarf that has absorbed the scent of the wearer and that only those extremely close to me would notice. I like that. It’s not a “literal” leather, but more evocative of the qualities of leather, if that makes any sense.

Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum advertisement - definitely up close and intimate as a scent

The concept behind Bottega Veneta is that it be elegant and quietly luxurious like the brand itself. Created by noted perfumer Michel Almairac, the nose behind the wildly popular Gucci Rush, Joop! and several of the Bond No. 9 fragrances) this scent is very wearable without being pedestrian. If you don’t think you know him, well you probably smelled his work- check out this crazy long list of scents he’s crafted.

Michel Almairac is a big name in the biz, having attended perfume school in 1973 (yes you can go to school for perfume- in France, bien sur)

Whether or not it smells like extremely expensive leather goods or those who can afford them is up to you. Sadly, I do not own any Bottega Veneta items and even though I’m not concerned about smelling like “a wealthy so and so”, I do enjoy this scent.

Bottega Veneta spring 2012 collection presented in Milan. Probably quite a whiff of Eau de parfum at this breezy, fancy show

The bottle itself is also very appealing.  The Murano glass is heavy and feels expensive. The shape is simple yet sturdy with a pebbled bottom that may be in homage to the braided intrecciato leather Bottega Veneta is famous for. The brown metal lid has a tiny nude leather ribbon wrapped around it, a delightfully feminine nod to the scent inspiration.

Everything about this perfume is appealing: classic, understated, luxury.

Notes of leather like those of a mellow Merlot? Maybe Bottega Veneta could make a wineskin for bull running season?

P.S. There’s a fun and insightful view into the world of perfume crafting via this interview with Michel Almairac about how he does what he does and his thoughts and how-to regarding the Bottega Venta Eau de Parfum. Check it out here on Katie Puckrik Smells.

Images courtesy of Bottega Venata.

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  1. March 30, 2012 2:47 pm

    this perfume smells wonderful! definitely on my to-buy list!

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