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Happy Easter!

April 6, 2012

The Globe and Mail's take on dyeing your own Easter eggs is all about opening up the fridge and pantry. Get your pastel stripes on with beets, turmeric & co!

I remember the days of dyeing (not dying.. haha) eggs for Easter- we had a lot of fun, especially painting them by hand (although my favourite part of the exercise was blowing out the eggs into a bowl).

For those of us tapping into fun the dyeing tradition this weekend, I present you with instructions for using natural spices and foods to dye those eggs. How cool! The Globe and Mail’s Melanie Morassutti shows you how right over here.

And while chocolate eggs are apparently all the rage this weekend, I’ll be baking  these Supernatural Brownies (I wanna eat my laptop screen they look so good) that my friend and cheese/food/video star blogger extraordinaire Sue Riedl whipped up recently. The recipe (complete with pics on Sue’s blog) apparently first appeared in The New York Times by fellow foodie Julia Moskin.

The Supernatural brownies a perfect win-win situation for my laid-back Easter plans- easy to make and perfect to take to a friend’s get together this Sunday.

(Although Sue’s success with Nigella Lawson’s hot cross buns this week do look pretty frikken fantastic.)

Wishing you a sweet Easter weekend!



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