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Fragrance Review: Philosophy’s Scents of Summer

April 24, 2012

Planning on falling in love this summer? We got somethin' for you

I am a snob about a lot of things. I blame my parents. They are the ones who fed me artichokes, made me watch British television and developed my taste for Greek olive oil, all well before puberty. They were teachers—so my inherited snobbery at least wasn’t money-focused—and they meant well, but it made me just a tad… precocious.

However, I’m never afraid to try something new or different – so, thanks guys! When I first got into perfume, I bent heavily towards the “niche” fragrances. I wanted to try all the weird and wonderful scents I could. I’d spend hours ogling exotic blends online and then agonize over which samples to order. Did you know you can do that? Welcome to your new addiction. (If you want to go down the rabbit hole check out these amazing sample and decant sources: The Perfumed Court and Lucky Scent. You have been warned.)

The Perfumed Court- where wild wonderful fantasies are bottled and waiting in easy and affordable sample sizes and big ones too

Lucky Scent is another place to feed your fragrance habit with full-sized and sample minis of top and niche fragrances. The scent business is booming: Lucky Scent also has a lovely retail scent bar in L.A.

While the most expensive is not always equal to the best, it is true that some of the most amazing smells will set you back a shekel or two (hundred). Being a budding fragrance aficionado, I had definite reservations against what I thought were “pedestrian” scents. Insert eye roll here. I thought that if they sold it at a drug store that it was the scent equivalent to fast food. Oh, how I was wrong.  To be fair, any decent Shopper’s D Mart carries many of my staples. The more I learned about the fragrance industry and the more scents I sniffed, the more open I became to trying things before arbitrarily judging.  I am so mature now.

This however, is not a post about one of those pricy niche fragrances!

Introducing Summer Grace by Philosophy, a sheer fruity/floral musk, that reminds me of the delicious scents of Hawaii.

I smell paradise

Philosophy as a company is known mainly for their skincare products. They have perennially cute packaging and whimsical product names. I always get a chuckle in Sephora when I see “Hope In a Jar” face cream, “Miracle Worker” eye cream and the hilarious “When Hope is Not Enough” serum. They also have a popular fragrance collection of what I would call “everyday scents”. These are not overly sophisticated, nor do they claim to be. I have often admired how clean and laundry-like these scents smell on other people.

The Philosophy Grace collection is quite extensive: there’s Amazing Grace, Eternal Grace, Pure Grace, Inner Grace, Baby Grace(!) and now their newest riff on this collection: Summer Grace.

Summer Grace by Philosophy.

Summer Grace is very bright floral with a soft coconut musk underneath. Despite being heavy on the passion fruit up top it settles after the dry down, and is quite pretty. It smells like the really girly cousin of  Grace family. You don’t need to worry about it being “too much” – it’s a light, sweet straight forward floral with a bit of musk.

This is a fragrance that you could carry in your purse and use all summer long and not feel a bit guilty about it. It’s only available for a limited time at Sephora, The Bay and Shopper’s Drug Mart, priced right at $52 bucks for a 60ml Eau de Toilette.

But wait… there is more. In addition to the new Grace, the Philosophy folks have been busy with another seasonal addition: Falling In Love Summer. Like the other F.I.L., this is a very berry fragrance at its heart. And we know how I feel about those. The notes are black currant, jasmine and amber. It’s sweet and fruity, reminds me of candy, which is not something I personally want in a fragrance. If you liked Falling in Love, you may like to try this.

And isn’t that the message here?

Falling In Love - Summer by Philosophy. Just because I didn't doesn't mean you couldn't? Available this April only at Sephora.

Product images courtesy of Philosophy.

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