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Shiny Spring

April 27, 2012

Obviously I had quite a fun time trying on all the pretty, shiny things with my friend/columnist Vanessa at the Swarovski spring/summer collection launch. Here I'm sporting the very fun Christopher Kane collaborative collection bracelet that (amazing trick!) wraps twice around the wrist or once around the neck as a choker. I'm also rocking my Swarovski flag-like drapy earrings.

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of dropping into the shiniest place in town: the Swarovski spring and summer collection preview featuring exciting new collaborative collections with heavy-hitting designers including Christopher Kane, Philip Crangi, Zaldy, Juan Carlos and Eric Daman.

For me the fun was experiencing the event with our fragrance reviewer Vanessa, who is also a jewelry nut with a long-standing love affair with Swarovski (don’t we all?). Of course I was keen on trying on all the stuff and we had a fantastic time admiring the collections rotating on the lovely models wearing the pieces.

The big event at the Swarovski Bloor Street store in Toronto was in celebration of the launch of four new special collections designed for Atelier Swarovski. Priced where you’d like it to be, the collection pieces are accessible and give all the other crystal goods out there a solid run for their bling since nothing beats the quality, shine and design edge of these modern classics.

Our faves of the evening: no doubt the winners for us were Christopher Kane’s double-wrapped Bolster bracelet, which barely had time to make it onto my wrist for a few photos before it was rudely clipped off for some lady who wanted to buy it since it was the last one in the store. How dare she. Photo above and closeup here below:

Moments before it was to be ripped off my arm, the much-coveted Atelier Swarovski Christopher Kane bracelet/choker was captured in a hasty photo. It coulda stayed there a lil' longer (want want want), $340

Vanessa and I were also quite smitten with Zandy’s fun, modern and downright cool take on the triangle shape with a bracelet and simple studs that you could rock out with pretty much anything ya got. I would be très surprised if the studs didn’t find their way into Vanessa’s jewelry box this season. And maybe also the ring from this collection.

Zaldy's Atelier Swarovski Cleo bracelet is sweet arm candy,wouldn't you say? We certainly were all over it. Sorry for the blurry shot, I failed at pics that night. $570

The Atelier Swarovski studs earrings by Zaldy looked a million times better in person. $110

Here is Vanessa in a near-abstract photo:

Vanessa is super washed out in this pic from the glare of all those crystals. And yes those are her awesome favourite Swarovski earrings - the Galet Light Azore earrings

Vanessa adores these earrings so much that when she lost one she went and bought a new pair. So now she has three earrings. I wonder where the third one is hanging, hm, Vanessa? Galet Light Azore earrings, $85

And by the by, it just so happened that we were at this Swarovski event on National Grilled Cheese day! How awesome is that? And wouldn’t you know it- there were mini grilled cheese sandwiches served at the event.

Celebrating National Grilled Cheese day with the necessary ingredients- grilled cheese and red wine. Isn't that how everyone does it?

Unlike me, Vanessa didn't eat a grilled cheese. But she did try on a men's bracelet that we couldn't get off and the sales guy had to use his keys to pry it open. It was all class- but sorry to disappoint, we didn't buy any figurines or the fancy Members Only dragon

Here he is- the Jubilee dragon for special people only. $360

More shiny things from the collections and the evening’s sightings:

Bold and chunky from Swarovski's Rarely collection

Statement pieces that can be easily worn everyday.


The Renewal mesh crystal necklace is kind of impressive, wouldn't you say? $1,100 for it and $525 for the collection earrings



Vanessa models the rock ring. Me, not such a nice job taking a clear image. Sorry! It's still really perty though, and nice mani, Vanessa


This Ribbon bracelet is a cupcake on your arm. $250


This necklace is a suede and crystal woven wonder by Philip Crangi inspired by European Court costumes. We love the subtle shine of the crystal rings mixed with the soft caramel suede. $330


I love going to an event and seeing everyone wearing their fave pieces. Doesn't this necklace look amazing?!


Everyone got a kick out of the shiny sweets table- real and crystal treats for grown-ups



Images courtesy of Vanessa and I.

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