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Coin on your cuff

May 17, 2012

Dorly Designs suggests these coined cuff links for Father’s Day: “For the man who has everything, give the gift of money. Literally.”  Hm

It’s been barely a few days since Mother’s Day came and went and our Inbox is already flooding with Father’s Day gift ideas. Yes these two Days are merely one month apart and I suppose we publishers do need time to prepare our features but really-. The best came from Dorly Designs, whose coiny cuff link email this morning read “Mother’s Day is over, so now it’s time to think about Father’s Day”.

Yeah, Mother’s Day is so over.

Anyway, we decided throw these up on Fashion in Motion since we kind of like them and we’ll make an exception for fun product despite lousy PR copy. We have to agree that the cuff links are quirky accessories that for $40 make a fun gift- especially for wannabe Canucks and ex-pats who are attached to cottage country iconography that otherwise makes for national roadkill. The cuff links are available in beaver, moose or the dime’s Bluenose for the skipper in your life.

One of the conversations we were having while I was up north a few weeks ago was about the idea of national/Canadian myths. On the drive up I was listening to the CBC radio as guest Alexi Zentner, author of award-nominated book, Touch, discussed this idea of ghosts and national iconography on Shelagh Rogers’ The Next Chapter (podcast here). As an example, Alexi was saying that despite the fact that most Canadians don’t even go near a canoe, the canoe and its experience is understood and revered in this country and holds a kind of national mythology.

One pretty awesome view from The Cottage

In ‘our’ woods, there seems to be only the burgundy variety of trillium, Ontario’s official flower

So on that note, when was the last time you were in a canoe, or saw a beaver? Or a moose?

Well, I actually saw a moose galloping by the side of the road near Lake of Bays when I was there a few weeks ago! Yes I’m ridiculously lucky. Naturally when I first saw it running toward my car I thought, why there’s a nice horse running on the road. Then it was clearly not a horse but a female moose, and I slowed down wayyy too late, it got scared and dashed into the bush. I stopped and made a few click-clack tongue noises and I could see the moose watching me, ears twitching. We were totally sussing each other out. So I a few pics but it’s hard to see the moose- it’s just my iPhone camera, so nothing fancy:

There’s a moose in that photo. See it? Me neitherish

I know what you think- no that’s not the moose’s face on the left side with a baby moose. She was actually looking the other way, bum to me

And then just as I thought the nature channel stuff was over, here were three wild turkeys crossing the road on Highway 11

Clearly three birds here. Not sure who cried fowl play on #4’s disappearance

And while we’re here, how about some sweet baby beavers on video since you prolly haven’t seen a baby beaver in a while. I love this:

Cuff link image courtesy of Dorly Designs, where they are available.

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  1. June 3, 2012 12:40 pm

    I love the baby beaver video :)

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