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Tilda Swinton for Candy Magazine

May 22, 2012

Oh yes it is. Tilda Swinton delivers one mesmerizing cover for Candy magazine, a transgender publication headed by Luis Venegas

The cover: Candy magazine’s fourth issue

The model: Tilda Swinton

The garb: A shimmering gold lamé dress by Antony Price

The photographer: Xevi Muntane

The final word: Wowza.

Just when you’re thinking to yourself, nothing about Tilda Swinton’s wardrobe appearances could ever shock me no more, well there ya go: a flaming dress fit for an evil queen frames those giant bronze curls, opening up to aggressive stage makeup. Gone is our fair dame in always awkward-looking Yohji Yamamoto; for Candy’s cover it’s all fire and ice.

With a downward gaze and down-turned lips, this Tilda straddles the gender issue and cracks our whip. She owns that dress, she’s got it gripped in her long pointy nails. We’ve always respected her talent and red carpet oddity, and frankly we can’t really blame her for reminding us every now again of who’s boss around here.


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