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May 24, 2012

Lifetime Collective offers up the kind of swim wear for men that looks great on and off (!) …the beach. The Prosecco trunks are great for dudes who don’t want seriously long board shorts. $70

We get a lot of PR coming through our inbox (yay! we love being solicited to feature great stuff) and the email we got about Lifetime Collective was definitely one we had to take up for feature.

The brand is the result of humble hard work that started in the basement (as all sound businesses do) of partners-in-fashion Reid Stewart and Trevor Fleming.

Our report today focuses on the Collective’s swim wear for men since the company has such a great collection- but you’ll see them again here (they also do women’s wear!). We also want to point out that the Lifetime Collective ships across Canada and the USA, so if you like what you see today (I do) then get some.

Every so often we indulge in our not-so-secret love of featuring men’s stuff, so today’s little dip in the pool is really just a summer starter. We love that these shorts don’t go all the way down to the knees- we’ve heard this as a complaint from some discerning beachers/swimmers. So we found some for you.

And if you’re thinking about Father’s Day (now that we’re ready for it), these aren’t a bad idea at all. Or just Boyfriend Day. Why not.

Nice and non-complicated Paradiso swim shorts in navy by Lifetime Collective

We love that Paradiso pocket patch of stripes- cool and super tasteful and a killer price of $59

They also come in red

The 3rd Beach print shorts, $59

Tastefully fun striped shorts, $59

Images courtesy of Lifetime Collective.

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