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David Beckham for Elle UK

May 30, 2012

David Beckham graces Elle UK magazine’s July issue as their first solo male cover

The cover: Elle UK magazine’s July 2012 issue

The model: Brit football star David Beckham

The garb: wet skinny jeans for the newstands, t-shirt for the subscriber issue

The photographer: Doug Inglish

The final word: Well it’s a shamelessly hot Beckham cover.

It would be one thing to pretend that this cover is just another July issue. Does anyone buy July magazines? I suppose the summer issue is great for poolside lounging and the last hurrah of skimpy garb until August comes around with its prelude to the big September issues and fall trends.

Whether purely for sales or the artistic merit of Doug Inglish’s camera work (ha)- it’s our guess that this Elle mag will sell like hot cakes. At 37 and with baby Harper nearly one year old, Beckham looks good, really good. His hair has never looked better, his gaze measured, and after years of attempting various facial hair looks, he’s finally got it right with this five o’clock shadow. We think it’s not a coincidence that his chiseled bod is also the du jour reference for men’s body hair.

As for the pool shot, aren’t we all thinking that we’d love to help him get out of those wet things? Unfortunately we can’t say that the grey sweatshirt/t-shirt is doing it for us and a simple Fruit of the Loom white t-shirt would have gone a long way.

And so for your pleasure, I deliver an extra-large pic of the cover image to Elle UK (below). For more Beckham, you can also visit the mag’s website by clicking here to view the photo shoot video, or reading this excerpt interview with him.

Here you go- a blown-up image of the Beckham cover shot. Happy to have made your day

Images courtesy of Elle UK.

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