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On how I interviewed Jeanne Beker today while wearing no makeup whatsoever

May 31, 2012

It was one of those ‘I’m just heading out for a brief croissant and coffee’ that after the croissant turned into, f*ck it I’m going to those fashion previews right now and get that over with. See how blasé I’ve become about my fabulous fashion life?

And then voilà, I am sailing right into the welcoming handshake of my fashion television heroine, Jeanne Beker. I should have known she would be there- after all I was dropping into her label’s fall collection preview. Duh.

But- no matter- I charged on with talk and asked about contemporary design (It is so high concept, does it trickle down into mainstream? – Everything trickles down, she said, look at my yellow mustard coat), whether women today dress better than they did 15 years ago (yes- I think we’re finally done with those unfortunate casual Friday looks) and what’s the evolution of your line, EDIT (I went from basics to great fitting jeans, quality construction and special pieces that add punch, fun and push the customer a little further, like the Victorian faux fur bouclé cape- it’s divine on women of all shapes and ages).

And then, I did it. Before saying bye, I went for it: oh and could I please snap a quick pic of you? Maybe next to your collection? Sure! she said. She half turns away from me, reaches for her black leather handbag and plunges in. Within nano seconds out comes a lipstick- a Chanel lipstick- (and I know what those look like) and she  throws on a fresh coat of red. She asks me where to stand and I direct her over by the yellow mustard mannequin (I’ll be a Director some day) and then click click, Thank you- you look great, I said. And she does.


My Jeanne Beker, fabulous as ever

Image by me.

Pictures of the fall collection coming up shortly!

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  1. June 1, 2012 7:37 am

    Wow! That is so amazing–and what a great picture. Plus I love the coat. More importantly, one more mention of Chanel lipstick and I’m heading out to get one. Three times the charm!
    Can’t wait to see the fall collection.

    • June 1, 2012 9:47 am

      Haha- yes I know! And it’s kind of exciting that I’m now part of the Chanel lipstick club. (My boyfriend bought his mom two Chanel lipsticks for her birthday last month- apparently she’s worn Chanel lipstick all her life; even when she had no money, it was the one thing she treated herself to having. (does that count as three?)

      The fall collection has some great one-off pieces. Jeanne explained to me that the collection is signature pieces to add to one’s wardrobe to update and titillate, not to stock an entire closetful of looks. The capes and oversized sweaters are fantastic- she’s got beautiful knits coming for fall with unbelievably soft feel and great quality.
      Will add those pics today :).


  1. Chanel love and now fall by video « Fashion in Motion

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