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Hats off

June 14, 2012

Some of you know that I do love a turban. This one for fall at Sears will be a nice addition to any turban lover’s hat box.

On a beautiful summer day like today I’m willing to bet that you weren’t thinking about hats for fall. But now you are.

And so it is trickery indeed as I attempt to squeeze in a few more fall preview features as grill recipes and summer’s best bikinis grace your other web surfing. I’ll be covering that too, but first – let us get ahead with business.

The Bowler Hat

Maybe you were expecting it but I wasn’t. I certainly didn’t see the bowler hat coming and – fair warning- this is probably a more difficult look to pull off than the fedora that’s been topping everything the past few years. The bowler hat is a challenge- the shape is daring and is going to get you noticed up there and from head-to-toe. How could you not with this on-? When was the last time you saw a bowler hat. So if you’re gonna do it, go all out with YSL- inspired smoking paired with either femme fatale stilettos or wing-tipped two-tone brogues.


The bowler hat is full of potential. This one from Esprit for fall 2012

YSL’s iconic tuxedo for women in an equally dramatic photo taken by Helmut Newton in 1975

The Fedora

Still here. This time it’s updated in felt and fall hues with detailing, such as the one below from Esprit. An easy look to pull off, looks great with a trench.


The fedora is still here so if you’re not ready to explore gender-bender sexy outfits, this is safe.

The Poor Boy

As odd as it makes me feel to write that, ‘the poor boy’ is how I think of this hat. I’m sure it has a proper more modern name but I don’t feel like looking it up, and I’m enjoying the literary associations and now floating thoughts of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Great Expectations- were there not hats like this one on the main characters?


I wonder if calling it ‘the poor boy’ is un-PC. I’m open to being corrected

I’m sure there’s a scene with a ‘poor boy’ hat in this flick- but look-! It’s a top hat that almost looks like a bowler hat. See how wearing it with formal attire looks terrific? And purple


Well it’s cold outside so knit hats make a lot of sense. These ones (below) at Danier are more of a lacy, decorative topper than a real winter toque.


Knits for fall are nicely woven and lacy- a big trend for fall. Note the laser cut-out belt also by Danier

The Country Bumpkin

This one by Esprit is a bit of a cross between a Victorian bonnet and a poor-boy, which we know from really Jane Austen is not going to be an easy love to realize. But fear not- there always is a happy ending and somehow, she always ends up inheriting enough to validate the union.


The Poor Boy crossed with a Victorian bonnet. I can’t say I like the look but maybe you do

Lizzie loves the summer straw bonnet in Pride and Prejudice

This bonnet is a copy from the plates of bonnets worn between 1800 and 1810. Customize the colours and its yours here

Ear Muffs

If you happen to find it amusing when grown-up women wear ear muffs, you’re not alone. But after seeing these furry ones from Danier, I think you’ll be seeing a lot more. In fact, the company said that they’re not new for this fall- they were so popular last year that they’re making them again. I’m getting a pair.


Fur, ah fur. The ear muffs (top left-hand corner) are fun, aren’t they? Those ombre fur scarves are pretty sweet, too

A Cap

This is a boxier look than the Bonnet-Poor Boy cross, and so I approve. I’ve worn this look before, it’s pretty generic and won’t win anyone any fashion points. Since it’s not remarkable, not exciting and generally not adding to anyone’s outfit from what I’ve seen, if you wear it I’ll assume you’re having a bad hair day, so it’s okay if you don’t take it off. If you really love this hat and want to look sensational with it on, at least throw on some heels.


Meh. This is just a casual thing, I haven’t seen it look terribly amazing.

Images by me.

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